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TigrenPWA Review: 2021’s Best Premium Magento PWA Theme

Best Premium Magento PWA Theme

Progressive Web App is an emergent concept and standard for e-commerce website development, along with other technologies. Converting Magento websites to PWAs can be done in various ways. Yet using the Magento PWA Theme is by far the best and most convenient option. With TigrenPWA, which is a high-quality PWA theme for Magento 2, Tigren has outshone any other solution providers. If you are going to integrate PWA into your Magento store, this is a premade theme right for your project.

What Is Ready-Made Magento PWA Theme?

Magento PWA theme is a standard solution for Magento 2 Progressive Web App development besides PWA extensions and custom PWA development.

PWA for Magento themes is often divided into two types consisting of free themes. Premium ones. To differentiate between them. the quality and price should be taken into account.

However, the themes that we have to pay for, such as TigerPAW, often operate more stably, leading to more efficient performance.

More benefits of using premium Magento Progressive Web App themes for you to consider:

Firstly, there is no doubt that using premium PWA templates is preferable when it comes to design. They have loads of lovely storefront designs to pick from; then, you can easily find which one best suits your store’s concept.

Secondly, not only all of the PWA’s essential functions but also dozens of advanced. Built-in features might be included in these PWA templates. This will bring about a better user experience and the fact that you don’t need to add lots of third-party extensions to enhance store performance.

About Tigren

This is one of the first companies that researched and developed PWA solutions for Magento 2 – since 2015. Up to now, the firm has successfully built many Magento PWA websites for various clients. 

As a professional in Magento website development, Tigren owns an exceptionally skilful and experienced team of developers. Also, Tigren is well-known for its excellent customer service.

Tigren has six years of working in the field and confirms its position in the market as a reliable PWA provider.

TigrenPWA Theme Review

There is the fact that Tigren used to provide a Magento PWA extension. However, after realizing that its drawbacks outweigh the benefits, Tigren made many efforts to find another way. Finally, it came up with TigrenPWA – a premium PWA theme for Magento 2.

TigrenPWA is currently serving the sole e-commerce platform which is Magento 2. This is one of the main reasons that make TigrenPWA the best option for Magento websites. Therefore, since its introduction to the market, TigrenPWA has gained a lot of reputation and become popular in the Magento community.

1. Things in common with other Magento PWA themes 

  • PWA core functions

Like other PWA themes, TigrenPWA owns full features of a standard Progressive Web App, including app-like features such as push notifications, add to the home screen, and the others (background sync, fast loading speed, etc.).

  • Magento store functions

As TigrenPWA is created for Magento websites only and built based on Magento PWA Studio, it was equipped with essential functions of Magento stores (promotion & pricing, order management, catalogue management, etc.). Thus, you will have no trouble managing your new advanced store after the conversion.

2. Things that make TigrenPWA different 

  • Technology

TigrenPWA is applying the latest technologies, including React.JS, Magento PWA studio, and GraphQL.

When it comes to Magento PWA development, there is common knowledge that building it with the Magento PWA Studio foundation has a better result.

This is to ensure that the theme is up to every single standard of the Magento platform. Also, the PWA Studio base contributes to a stable performance for the final e-commerce PWA version by limiting possible code conflicts.

  • Storefront catalogue

The TigrenPWA theme provides a long list of multi-purpose and appealing storefront designs for both mobile and desktop access. Other Magento PWA templates, on the other hand, often have only one fixed and tedious design.

Although any storefront in TigrenPWA’s design library is ready-to-use, it still allows customization. Hence, you can make your Magento Progressive Web App one of a kind.

  • Advanced e-commerce functions

The advanced e-commerce functions on the theme are the qualities that set TigrenPWA apart from its competitors.

One-step checkout, improved layered navigation, live chat, social share, banner manager, and more are currently available functions.

The best part is that Tigren is even planning to release more innovative features in the near future.

Compared to other Magento PWA themes, TigrenPWA is more cost-effective when it can do the same things and even more than that.

  • Extension compatibility

TigrenPWA is compatible with many of the most used extensions. However, in the case when the theme does not support your Magento extensions, Tigren will solve this problem by creating more APIs to connect them with the PWA storefront.

In fact, you absolutely can take full advantage of its existing functions. Which are considered more valuable. Give out a more significant outcome.

3. Price Of Tigren’s Magento PWA Theme

Based on the evaluations of its price compared to the quality. TigrenPWA is a reasonably priced theme. With the installation fee included.

As a matter of fact, many agencies in the same field charge their clients thousands of dollars for theme installation services. In contrast, with Tigren’s PWA theme, the setup is on the house.

Final Words

Due to the mass changes in the structure (website frontend will replace by PWA Storefront. Connect to backend via API) and the need for making its various functions workable. TigrenPWA theme installation is more complicated than the regular Magento themes.

Rumour has it that TigrenPWA is one of the best Magento Progressive Web App themes at the moment. In our opinion, with all the benefits that we can take from it, TigrenPWA is worthy of this notice.

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