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The #1 duck call

For many years, JJ Lares call has been a top choice among duck hunters. The Magnum Hen is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite because of its sound and quality! This call produces an imitation that sounds like birds fly over the marsh at your target spot where they may lay their eggs or nestlings for you shoot them with another type of hunting ammunition depending on what kind it is made out too – but I find most people use this one just as nicely from time-to-time when we’re looking through those trees away up high scouring every inch until something finally shows itself against all odds…

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in operation since 1999. It is a family-owned company that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California – near the Sacramento River State Park and Sacramento Wildlife Refuge where hunting opportunities abound for those interested! Customers who are new to this area should be aware of their vast selection of waterfowl goods as well as fishing equipment available at Kiddles’ store located right by Delevan County Fairgrounds which also includes live bait from Grey Life Fishing Department). The location offers scenic views with easy access.

About J.J. Lares

The JJ Lares Duck Calls is one of the most prized hunting items for any duck enthusiast. It’s been used to catch many a drake, and it comes in an array of colors – but black has become its signature look due largely to popularity polls at contests across North America where hunters can vote which color they prefer when out on their own hunt!

I’m not sure how long it takes before people buy things just because others think highly enough or have given awards to them; however, if that sounds like something you might enjoy doing then maybe this product should be next up on your list?

With its rugged design and premium sound quality, the Magnum Hen is quickly becoming one of JJ Lares’ most popular products. Its commanding hen mallard presence makes it perfect for all types of hunting conditions while also enhancing your hybrid call’s ability to provide an authentic-sounding duck call in any situation.

About the Magnum

The Magnum JJ Lares calls are a favorite among Kittle’s clients and hunters throughout the country. They have been seen to be used for duck hunting restrictions during mating season when ducks congregate near bodies of water where there is little else around them except landfills or swamps full of mosquitoes waiting their turn at dinner time! This product also attracts other types of birds such as quail – which makes it perfect if you’re looking for something different than just goose/goose hunter-gathering sessions every day (though we do carry those too).


Waterfowl enthusiasts may discover a great duck call at Kittles Outdoor. JJ Lares, the well-known firm offers new and improved products for all your outdoor needs that are ideal! If you buy this call it will sound just like a hen mallard bird with toms spread across its wings if utilized correctly – which means there’s no need to worry about howling too loudly or taking up space near other humans during the mating season because nobody can hear ya over their own hormones anyway!! We provide high-quality goods since we believe in offering customers what they want without any hassle on our part!

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