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Stunning Ideas for Utilizing your Epoxy Mix

When it comes to using the epoxy mix, even you would be left completely floored with some of the inventive ideas and suggestions for using it. Often, most people have no clue on what to use an epoxy resin mix or even how to prep it properly.  This is why you need to check out the rest of this article for some of the inventive ideas and suggestions for the epoxy mixture and get a brand new look in the process. Just keep in mind that whether you plan to use an ordinary epoxy mix or an epoxy resin mix for a better finish, the curing time will differ. And the ingredients as well as the proportion that they are mixed in will alter it completely.

  • Epoxy resin table

If you happen to be a DIY addict, then you would probably love this suggestion. Rather than opt for the traditional ways to use the epoxy mix, as with epoxy flooring, you can go ahead and create your epoxy resin table from scratch. Even a simple glance at some of the fine examples online should help convince you just how good an epoxy resin table would look in your living room. Just use a few wooden slabs to make the design eye-catching and interesting in its way. You can use carved wooden peg posts for legs and you would also require a little extra epoxy resin coating to give it the sheen. Just keep in mind that the table will take a while to set, so you need to store it carefully. And you are bound to be pleased with the results, so enjoy.

  • One-of-a-kind doorknobs

 Have you ever been tired of the usual door knobs and how often you would have to wash, pat dry, and polish the same? So perhaps, it’s about time that you opted for something new, and authentic…just set about designing a simple doorknob with epoxy resin, and for added emphasis, you can utilize old watch gears and add them to the mixture. Make sure that you get both the epoxy resin mix and the doorknob measurements right. And remember, you need to pour this inventive mix into the mold and let it sit for at least a day before you can polish and use it.

  • The rustic look

 If you happen to reside in the city, miles away from your farm- you are bound to miss the rustic atmosphere. But here’s one crazy option that you can try and bring the ‘rustic look’ to your home. You can start with something as simple as a table and move on to TV closets and even book closets. Just keep in mind that you are using epoxy resin to add the final touch and the whole table is not made from epoxy resin. So you can get as creative as you would prefer to get the table redesigned to provide you with the rustic look, short of parking bales of hay in your living room.

These are some of the interesting ways that you can use your epoxy resin mix and brighten up your home

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