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Steps and Methods to set your Mywifiext extender

Cisco Systems is an international brand of America and is excelling in the field of Software, networking Hardware, telecommunications, IT equipment, and other technology products and services. It is operating through its headquarters in California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Cisco is amongst the largest manufacturers of routers, Wi-Fi extenders, switches, wireless systems, WAN acceleration hardware, etc.

Cisco is clearing the entire bar over the wireless extender and yield in the field of connectivity. It has recently created a device with the name setup extender. It also has a compatible universal media connector with the name Mywifiext extender. Moreover, it has designed and launched so many Netgear WiFi extender setups. They are glittering into your house around every corner of the world.

Productivity features of Mywifiext setup extenders

All the Mywifiext extenders by Netgear carry six internal 3D antennas for fixing on the walls or the surface. It is compatible with existing wireless devices with 802.11a/b/g/n, to make it possible for you to link your Wi-Fi extender with the legacy of wifi networks. Many of the manufacturers have inspire to introduce such devices which can support 802.11ac technology. All these newly interviewed products are very stylish and smart that anyone can be lost in its productivity.

Configuring the Mywifiext extender through Netgear installation assistant

By using a Netgear installation assistant, you can quickly configure your Mywifiext setup extender. This setup wizard is embedded in its default firmware and is always available even without having an internet connection.

First Step: – Connect the antennas to the router, if the router has an external antenna.

Second step: – Switch on the power of your router as well as of your Netgear WiFi extender.

Third step: – Have patience till the solid light of the power light of your Wi-Fi Extender and the Netgear Wi-Fi extender is connected with the Ethernet port and Internet.

Fourth Step: – After connecting to your Wi-Fi, locate the credentials. It will be available at the back of the extender or in the quick guide.

Fifth Step: – This step is not useful for wired connections, so you can skip it. Launch a web browser of your choice and type then enter.

After accepting the license terms and conditions click next and again the next buttons to proceed with your Netgear WiFi extender. Save the innovations made by you.

Configuring the Mywifiext setup page through Cable Internet service

First step: – In the beginning, connect your Ethernet cable from the device, whichever you will be using at that moment.

Second step: – Plugin your power adapter of the Wi-Fi router into the electrical power board and make sure that the current will be flowing stably.

Third step: – Follow the instructions given in your Mywifiext setup extender manual.

Fourth step: – To connect with your Netgear WiFi extender, click on ‘Connectivity’.

Fifth step: –  click on the Internet setting tab.

 Sixth Step: – Go to the Enabled box, and click on the tab of Clone My PC’s MAC. And then, click the ‘Apply Tab’ situated at the right corner of the displayed page.

Seventh step: – To connect with the modem from the internet port of your Mywifiext extender click on the ‘OK’ tab.

After following all these steps, your internet connections will be ok and active now.

Configuring the Mywifiext extender setup through static IP account  

An IP address is an Internet protocol address that is a unique identifier of your internet service network. It consists of 0 to 255 numbers. All the IP addresses distinguish by three dots. And it is required in all the devices that are connected to the internet. Let us proceed towards the configuration of your Netgear Wi-Fi extender with the help of this IP address.

Steps are:-

First step: – Before moving towards the settings, obtain a few necessary pieces of information from your ISP, like Internet IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, and Domain Name Server.

Second step: – Attach your modem to the internet port of your beloved Netgear WiFi extender.

Third step: – Take an Ethernet cable and connect one of its ends to your computer and the other end to your extender.

Fourth Step: – To make the power light solid, connect your power adapter to an electric socket board and into the Mywifiext setup extender.

Fifth Step: – Open a web browser for Mywifiext extender login and enter ‘’ in the Addy, then press the Enter tab.

Sixth Step: – Enter your default password of the extender that is ‘Admin’ in the required field when prompted to do so for login.

Seventh Step: – Click in the important terms and conditioning box to continue after receiving the message “The extender is not set up.” and then continue.

Eighth Step: – Click the connectivity option to go to the Internet Settings and as you reach there, click Edit just next to the option of Type of Internet connection.

Ninth Step: – Choose the type of static IP address that your extender will be having and enter the necessary information, given by your internet service provider. Just after that, click the ‘APPLY’ tab on the lower side of the page.

Tenth Step: – After clicking the OK tab, power off your extender for 30 seconds. Once the extender is on, click YES to go ahead for making an association with your router to extender cloud account.

For further technical support and inquiries call 1800 836 3164 (toll-free). You can contact us with the paraphrase setup


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