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Semi-Aniline Vs Aniline Leather – Know The Differences

Leather is a timeless artisan material that has been used from prehistoric times to the current modern generation. Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, leather will be around for even longer than you can ever imagine. It should be known that aniline and semi-aniline leather – both have different features, giving each other a considerable advantage over one another. But, which one is the best? Let’s find out. 

What Do You Mean By Aniline Leather?

According to a professional service provider for leather seat restoration, aniline leather can be defined as the most natural type of leather. It’s soft and therefore also the most expensive type of leather. Aniline leather is sourced from the highest quality raw hides and is infamous for its unique surface that presents the genuine characteristics of leather, including healed scars, natural pores, scratches, and fat wrinkles. 

It should be remembered that aniline hides are generally coated with a dye that’s light & soluble so that the overall appearance can be enhanced. Such a practice also protects the leather surface from any liquid spills. Since aniline leather is susceptible to liquids and sunlight, it will require additional care & maintenance. 

What Do You Mean By Semi-Aniline Leather?

On the other hand, semi-aniline leather is the more durable version of aniline leather. It features a surface coating that gives its uniform color as well as additional durability. Semi-aniline leather is best suited for applications where you can expect heavy usage and exposure to direct sunlight. 

Compared to aniline leather, semi-aniline leather requires less maintenance. Therefore, if you have pets in your family, then this leather type can be great for upholstery options. 

The Best Feature Of Aniline Leather: Comfort

Since aniline leather has no protective layer on it, it will be able to provide you with superior comfort. Aniline leather can absorb moisture and breathe. As a result, you can expect this leather to absorb heat from the human body and then distribute it accordingly. Moreover, it enhances comfort and feels very soft. 

The Best Feature Of Semi-Aniline Leather: Spill-Resistant

You must know that semi-aniline leather is water-resistant and thereby can protect itself from liquid spills. The surface coating protects the leather from any kind of liquid absorption. However, if the liquid is allowed on the surface for an extended period, then the liquid molecules can seep through. 

How Can You Care For Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather?

The basic step to maintaining aniline leather is to handle it with the highest amount of care, by protecting it from spills and sunlight. Moreover, you have to regularly use aniline leather cleaning products to treat spills or stains. 

On the other hand, with semi-aniline leather, the maintenance process is a little less strict. All you have to do is to wipe the leather surface with a damp cloth regularly and let the surface dry naturally. 

Moreover, use leather conditioning products for both of them – every six months. 

In case you have any further questions about leather maintenance, repair or restoration, be sure to contact our leather specialists today. 

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