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Reference On Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award

The super bowl is the most significant event in the entire sports industry, and there’s no doubt about it. Nearly every bettor tries to make his way towards the super bowl through his betting skills. Once you reach the super bowl, you stand a chance to make handsome money from it. 

There is always another level of a craze among the super bowl fans whenever it’s going to occur, and fans cannot stop their excitement for it. The best thing about the super bowl is that it does not leave any chance to motivate its players. We are talking about the super bowl most valuable player award. 

The one who wins the NFL championship is awarded the super bowl most valuable player award. Besides this, there are other perks also of this award. When playing the Super Bowl, you should have a sneak peek into the history of valuable player awards. Here’s everything you need to know about the Super Bowl most valuable player award

About Super Bowl most valuable player award 


It is the award that is presented annually to the most worthy player of the Super bowl. Many people often get confused between the NFL and the super bowl, but to their surprise, both are the same sports events. 

The panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters together choose the winner. In addition to this, voting also electronically determines the winner. For instance, the NFL commissioner awarded Pete Rozelle with the MVP award. Not only this but he was also given a free car. 

In addition to this, three different Green Bay Packers have been awarded the super bowl most valuable player award. Super Bowl I and II were awarded to Bart Starr. At Super Bowl XXXI, the return specialist Desmond Howard was given the honor. 

Voting of Super Bowl most valuable player award 


As it is the most prestigious award, there is voting done to ensure transparency. The voting of two scores chooses the winner. There is a panel of 16 American fantasy football writers and broadcasters who do the voting after the game. Out of the total votes, this accounts for 80 percent of the votes. Besides this, the fans also vote for their favorite teams, but its share in overall voting is merely 20 percent. 

History of Super Bowl most valuable player award 


The first super bowl season was held in 1967 to determine the champions of the 1966 season. In that season, the most valuable player award was given to 41 players in total. The sports magazine also presented the super bowl’s most valuable player award from 1967-1989. 

After 1990, the NFL took charge of presenting the super bowl’s most valuable player award. The first one to win the trophy was Ottis Anderson of the New York Giants. If you are keen on knowing the most recent winner of the super bowl, then it is Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The ones who have won back-to-back awards are Starr and Bradshaw. There was also a time when co MVPs were chosen, and those were Harvey Martin and Randy White. 

Multiple winners


The player who has won the super bowl’s most valuable player award five times is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In addition to this, Joe Montana won three Super Bowl MVPs in total. Those players who have bagged the award twice include Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning. 

Team winners 


The most players having earned the Super Bowl MVP seven times are the Dallas Cowboys. But if we talk about the NFL franchise, then the most super bowls have been won by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. At Super Bowl V, despite losing to the Baltimore Colts, Chuck Howley was given the honor. 



Going into an insight of the Super Bowl most valuable player award must have motivated the players to perform better and also earn the same for themselves. 

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