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Protect Your Investment: Take The Smart Way To Clean & Care For Your Handmade Rugs

Handmade and handwoven rugs have a lot of character. These rugs are often rich with history and culture, so much that it has become an art form.

But you might wonder why are handmade rugs so expensive!? 

Handmade rugs require many hours of work and can take over a month to complete! They’re usually made from cotton, wool, silk or wool and are mostly manufactured in Afghanistan and Iran.

Weavers are known for hand-making exquisite works of art. The main reason why weavers can bring their artistic side out so fully is that they use their bare hands and not machines when it comes down to making these incredible pieces. 

Many weavers use vegetable or fruit dyes to colour their handmade rugs, making them completely natural. 

Are Rugs Worth The Money?

Handmade rugs are indeed prized possessions. You will pass them down through generations, so they’re essential and valuable home decor elements

It just takes the right amount of maintenance to keep a handmade rug looking exquisite. 

This blog will discuss exactly what kinds of things you need to do to be sure your handmade carpet will stay as beautiful as the day it was made.

Clean Regularly

The best advice you can probably take away from this blog is to care for a rug. If your rug gets stained or dirty, it won’t help the overall appearance of the room where it’s placed, besides affecting its quality and life expectancy. 

Vacuum rugs twice a week; if they get stained, get on to it ASAP!

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you cleaned it the first week you got it; what matters is that you cleaned it consistently every week for years and years.

Vacuum Before You Wash

While it might tempt you to give your rug a quick wash rather than vacuuming it, simply washing your carpet won’t always do the trick in ensuring it’s thoroughly cleaned. 

Vacuum your rug in low-power mode, going over every area and corner. This will ensure that all dirt trapped between the fibres is off and your carpet is clean! Vacuum the front and the back.

Wash Gently

After you vacuum, soak the rug in cold water for several minutes to soften the fibres before you shampoo it. 

We recommend using gentle shampoos designed for infant hair or rugs so as not to damage them. Mix shampoo with cool water in your bucket (old shampoo bottles make great mixers) and use either a soft brush or sponge to apply the mixture to the rug.

When you’ve finished cleaning the rug, rinse it thoroughly to remove all of the soap.

Caution: We always recommend that you perform a patch test when using a new shampoo to see any bleeding or colour discolouration. 

Dry The Rug

Squeeze out as much excess water as possible from your rug. 

After that, place it somewhere well ventilated and let it air dry for 24 hours (or longer if necessary!) Once your rugs have dried, they will be ready to use in no time at all! It’s also important not to expose your carpet during this time to harsh sunlight. 


We hope this helped you clean Persian rugs or Turkish rugs. If you don’t want to break your back, it’s best to go for professional cleaning services- they will clean your rugs and restore their natural look. 

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