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Moviesverse | What is the story of Wonder Woman & where to watch

watch wonder woman on moviesverse

This movie is controversial, so I’ll give you my opinion: I don’t think it’s as good as “Wonder Woman,” but I don’t think it’s terribly bad either. I’ll try to translate my mild disappointment into a strong opinion that I hope you’ll enjoy on moviesverse.

Moviesverse when she accidentally touches a magic stone

Diana (Gal Gadot) has been living alone and fighting crime for over 70 years. Today, it’s like a walk in the park for her. Or a walk in the mall. But then she accidentally touches a magic stone and wishes for her lost love Steve (Chris Payne) to return. But this stone is dangerous. Especially if it falls into the wrong hands, like Max (Pedro Pascal) or even Diana’s new employee Barbara (Kristen Wiig). Everything needs to be put right. The time has finally come. I don’t want to blame anyone, but I don’t think my opinion is the only one people can have.

Is this movie have the potential to be good

Honestly, this movie didn’t have the potential to be as good as the first installment. Diana’s character has changed so much that it’s impossible to recreate that special magic. She can no longer be naive and not realize her relative power over people and how she can help and influence them. Now she has also learned about loss and loneliness.

She tries to return to her old self on moviesverse

None of these things are bad or good, it’s how the film deals with them that’s important. And I think that’s the main problem with the film. We realize that Diana has changed, but we don’t change with her. She tries to return to her old self, but instead, everything seems watered down and weakened. It’s like throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks. But nothing took hold, so we threw all the ideas on the floor.

The invisible plane and the smiles

But there are moments that are worth watching. The message is clear, but the original sequence fascinated me. And what hasn’t changed, and shouldn’t change, about Diana is the sense of wonder she brings. (I liked the cheesy but magical moments, like the fireworks on the invisible plane and the smiles because the world is beautiful. As for the plot, it’s solid. I liked the concept, I liked the bad guys, and I liked the idea of Steve coming back. In the end, however, it didn’t satisfy me as it should have, and that’s still my main problem with the moviesverse film. It’s not that this movie is downright bad: ….. It’s just missing something.

Both characters evolve together

This time Steve is like a fish out of water, he’s straight out of WWI in 1984. So we’re trying to turn this into a “seeing the world for the first time” thing, which was great in Wonder Woman, but it’s not. Steve is too positive, too open to the future. Diana, on the other hand, is more carefree, but still far from the world. So why try to do the same thing as the previous film? I think it would have been better to skip that and go for something new, to have both characters evolve together, rather than rehash the same old story inside out.


Creators should try to avoid repeating the same thing

Repeating the old plot is the most common mistake sequels make. A sequel should follow the story on a larger scale, but the creators get so caught up in the idea that there’s more to the story that they forget that they should try to avoid repeating the same thing as much as possible. Maybe Patty Jenkins was too confident in Wonder Woman’s success. Maybe the studio encouraged her to do so.

Supporting characters in the film

Maybe people were just looking at the money. But it’s important to realize that the film wasn’t made perfectly and that with it came to an avalanche of significant problems. Gaps in the plot, pacing issues, immature characters, uninspired tone. The script is underdeveloped. There are no supporting characters in the moviepapa film. There is no 80s music either. There are no surprises or twists. It’s long and slow, but it would have been fine if not for its laziness and simplicity.


Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal are the best actors in the film, if only because they are young. As if Wonder Woman were a beautiful and delicious chocolate cake, Wonder Woman 1984 mistakenly believes that she too must be a chocolate cake to be delicious. However, he only had enough chocolate for one cake, so he used a flag instead. And the cake didn’t taste as good as it should have. Gal Gadot and Chris Payne are still alive and well, and positive themes of love, miracles and heroism are emerging, so I don’t see much change in taste for these things. Moviesverse If “Wonder Woman 1984” were a vanilla or strawberry cake, it would still be a cake, and a uniquely flavored one at that, not a cheap imitation of the latest hit.

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