Listing Products on Google is Easy with WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin!!

For customers, the journey of online purchasing starts with a Google Search. Various studies on customer behavior have proven that more than 60% of total online shopping starts with a simple Google search. Taking advantage of the same google takes aid, with the help of Google Analytics, and shows the visitors their favorite product categories. For the eCommerce merchants selling their products online, it always sounds like a good idea to be in front of their customers everywhere. Mostly, as Google is the most visited platform on a daily usage basis, listing products on Google adds incredible value to eCommerce businesses.

WooCommerce merchants that are willing to list their products on Google can take advantage of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module. Moreover, the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension is a no-code solution for online retailers to sell their products across the globe.

Furthermore, before starting with Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector modules, let’s know why we should sell on Google Shopping.


Be in front of the customers all the time:

The primary reason for listing products on Google is that the platform allows online retailers to always be in front of their customers. As a well-known fact, users spend a huge amount of time on Google searching for their favorite results.

It is always a great chance to set a brand name for your online brand in the minds of customers on Google.

Free Listing:

The other reason for selling on Google Shopping is that Google recently updated the seller policy. As per the policy, a product listed on Google is now offered at zero cost.

Worldwide merchants can present their products in front of a large Google audience without spending a penny. Moreover, if you want to list your product at the top of the Google Search list, Google also offers Google Ads assistance to eCommerce merchants.

A sizable customer base:

In this online era, if there is one name that has the largest customer base, it’s Google. According to reports, the total number of Google searches performed each day varies by billions.

So, if you have something special to sell to the largest customer base, Google is no doubt the right choice for your eCommerce business.

How easily can WooCommerce online retailers list their products on Google?



Online vendors with eCommerce shops built on WordPress Commerce can also list their products in Google Search. All the credentials that are required are Account on Google Merchant Center, Account on Google Developer Console, and Boom. That’s it.

From this point, Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension can take care of every aspect to make sure the products are listed well on Google.

Profile Management:

The WooCommerce online sellers can choose the various options like currencies, languages, product specifications, and much more and create the profile using the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector. The Plugin offers a wide range of options to choose from while creating the Google Profile.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon offers the ability to select the minimum amount to exclude the products from Google Shopping.

UTM parameters support:

Along with the profile management, WooCommerce merchants can also add UTMs to their selling categories. The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping connector module allows eCommerce merchants to easily track customer traffic data with the help of UTM parameter feature support.

Audit Log:

To keep track of every activity regarding Google Shopping, Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector offers a separate section for the Audit Logs.

In this field, users can keep a sharp eye on every single synchronization activity.

Furthermore, the records can be seen in detail in the Audit Log section offered by Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Connector.

Deep Listing:

WooCommerce online retailers can not only list their products on Google but also add all the attributes like size, color, and many more options.

The amazing thing about the WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector is that the module does not require any sort of coding skills to make the same WooCommerce products live on the Google search list.

Payment in One Time (No Hidden/Subscription Fees):

Knowband provides the WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module for a one-time fee and lifetime use to ensure online retailers’ peace of mind.

Furthermore, in addition to the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension, Knowband offers 3 months of free technical support to ensure the best experience for online vendors from module setup to product listing.

In the end,

For businesses who are keen to sell their goods online, Google has created a free selling opportunity. Furthermore, the other advantage of selling on Google Shopping through WooCommerce shops is that the merchants will not have to manage their shops from two different platforms as every single control can be managed from the admin panel within clicks. Thus, we can say that the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration plugin is one of the best modules to add a selling channel to your online selling list.

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