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Learrn About 11 Bad Habits We All Have In The Shower

11 bad habits we all have in the shower

11 bad habits we all have in the shower Washing is part of our daily life, so much so that we do it almost automatically. But we all make mistakes, and this list lists the most common bad showering habits:
Washing is a part of everyday life for most of us, so much so that we do it almost automatically. Our habits are built from childhood, and it is difficult to imagine that we can do something wrong. However, we all make mistakes, and this list lists the most common bad habits in the shower:

1. Wash your hair every day

We all want to have clean, shiny hair every day. However, frequent washing of the hair is very bad for them. If you have thin or brittle hair, it is best to wash it twice a week at most. When it comes to thick or curly hair, experts recommend washing it once a week to avoid damaging it as much as possible.

2. Take long showers often

So yes, it feels great, but showers that are too long are not good for the environment, but they also dry out the skin. Showers should not exceed 10 minutes. In addition, taking more than one shower a day is very bad for the skin. So if you play sports and want to wash off at all costs, even though you’ve already done so during the day, do it as quickly as possible without using too much soap, if at all.
3. Do not wash your feet or back
These body parts can be difficult to reach, but it is imperative to wash them. If only to remove dead cells. For the feet, cleaning is necessary to prevent the proliferation of bacteria or fungi. A good reason to stop ignoring these parts!

4. Do not dry the shower glove, flower or sponge.

If you use anything other than your hand to wash, dead skin may get lodged in the holes in your sponge, mitt, or shower flower. And what could be better than a humid and confined environment to develop bacteria? So, This is why it is imperative to dry your accessory after each shower.

5. Apply moisturizer too late

It’s important to cleanse your skin, but soap can dry it out. For this reason, it is necessary at all costs to hydrate well after each shower. But don’t wait until it’s dry; most creams work best on damp skin.

6. Dry your body too hard

When we get out of the shower, many of us rub our bodies like crazy with a towel, but it’s not good for the skin. It is best to dry yourself gently with a soft towel. Yes, it’s longer, but it’s better, so you care for yourself.

7. Do not wash immediately after physical activity
Even if you don’t sweat a lot during your workout, it is advisable to shower afterwards. Even a tiny amount of sweat promotes the growth of germs that generate body odour even hours later. A simple passage underwater without soap can make all the difference.

8. Shower only with hot water

Showering in cold water is much less fun than in hot water, yet it has many advantages: stimulation of circulation, skin cleansing and revitalization, relaxing effects. If you can’t stand washing in cold water, stand under a stream of water for a few seconds at the end of your shower.

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9. Apply conditioner to all of the hair

When using a conditioner, you are tempted to apply it all over your hair, from scalp to ends. However, it is important not to do that because it greases the hair. It is advisable to use this product only on the ends. Another way to avoid oily hair is to use a conditioner before shampooing.

10. Wrap your hair in a towel

This common gesture performed by many people after a shower is very bad for your hair. It is best to wring out your hair and then press it in a towel to dry it, but do not rub it to avoid damaging it.

11. Shave in the shower

According to experts, shaving in the shower can irritate the skin. But if you want to do this in the shower, use a special gel designed for this purpose.
So, are you also one of those people who have bad showering habits? Now that you know what is good for your body, you have to change the ritual. Try them out; you’ll feel the difference in no time!

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