Just how to Choose the Right Laptop: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pick Your Operating System

If you’re looking to a laptop buying guide, the first thing you should decide is what operating system you want. The choice between Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems isn’t as straightforward as you think. The decision all comes down to the type of computer user that you are. You will want to choose your OS based on your primary use of your laptop.Now You can purchase best laptops and mobilephones at best mobile price in kuwait with trikart.Trikart is leading online shopping in Kuwait.

Understanding Processor Names

A processor is a chip that processes information. Now, I’m going to refer you to a guide made by one of my favorite online tabletops for CPU comparisons. In it, he has listed the processors as well as the number of cores and threads the processor has as well as what type of socket they use. Processor is one of the most difficult to understand specifications while purchasing a laptop. We all know that the speed of the processor is important, but speed isn’t everything. While speed is certainly important, there are other components that impact performance just as much.

What About a Graphics Card?

Graphics card is one of the most important computer parts since NVIDIA and AMD keep making better and more powerful models. Different cards can be used to power different things such as heating up the room through the graphics computer, playing high-end games in a resolution of 4K, working in a CAD environment, or all of them at once. Graphics card is a critical component many people don’t know much about. But, not getting the best graphics card can be a big mistake. While screen resolution and hard drive space matter, it’s an underpowered graphics card that can ruin your laptop.


RAM is one of the most overlooked aspects for modern computers and laptops, so it’s hard to give a clear answer on what the best laptop RAM is. However, we can give you some advice on how to choose RAM so you can make your own informed decision. If the world of computer components is something that interests you, read on to become a RAM expert.

SSD Storage

SSD Storage SSD storage is the fastest and most reliable form of storage for laptops. Also, it is faster than hybrid drives. Solid State Drives (SSDs), are up to twenty times faster than their mechanical counterparts (HDDs)  in the world of data storage. they offer a lot more space than their older hard-drive counterparts and can boot up your laptop in seconds.

Webcams and Hinges

The hinge of a laptop is more than just a swing door for access to the innards of a laptop. The hinges allow the display to fold around so it can be used in a tablet or tent mode. There are also two webcams on some laptops. It is common for anyone buying a laptop to consider whether they need the added expense of a webcam.

A webcam (short for web camera) is a video capturing device built into many modern laptops. You might use your laptop’s webcam for video chats with friends, family, and business associates. But did you know that installing a webcam can be a security risk? Giving hackers access to your webcam also leaves your privacy exposed and could lead to unwanted photos and videos floating around the Internet. That’s why it’s important to protect your privacy and follow these steps to guard against uninvited guests.

Check for Ports

Checking for ports on laptops is an important aspect even if they are not being used yet. This is because if you intend to use them with an external device, it must have the corresponding port for this to work. I have tried using a wireless mouse with my old laptop but due to the lack of USB port, it was impossible.

mode. There are also two webcams on some laptops. It is common for anyone buying a laptop to consider whether they need the added expense of a webcam.


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