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Interior Painting 101: Everything that you Need to Know

Sure, you may be itching to spruce up the interior of your home right away and all on your own. You would be better off with a professional painter but if you are still determined to stick it through, then you need to check out the rest of the post. Painting is not easy nor is it something that you can wrap up in an hour. It takes time, planning, strategy, and a lot of determination on your part. For one, you would need to purchase the essential supplies and make sure that you do not run short of any essential supplies from paint rollers to paint itself, just when you are painting a wall. Check out these pointers,

  • Clean and prep: Ask any of the interior painters in Auckland and they would tell you that the most important part of any paint job would be to ensure that the walls are clean and prepped. It is essential for the simple reason that the new coats of paint would not stick onto the old, dirty walls. Make sure that you prep all the interior walls; first clean up and then move on to prepping it properly. You must clean all the walls and that includes all the ceilings as well, as these are areas that usually collect a lot of cobwebs and by extension, dust, and debris. Remove them completely before you can begin painting the interiors. 
  • Use the right sandpaper: One of the mistakes that most amateur beginners make, when it comes to removing old paint, is not using the right grit sandpaper. As a result, traces of the old paint would remain, and painting over it would only result in a patched-up appearance. Consult a professional, if you are not sure, or head online, and do some research to find out which grit sandpaper to use for your walls. Once you have figured it out, you should be able to purchase the required supplies at a hardware store and get sanding, right away.
  • Use a primer: As any professional painter would tell you, a primer is essential for a flawless paint job. If you are still worried about the imperfections on your wall, then you need to use a primer. Primers are more like a base coat and by using one, you should be able to cover up the old imperfections with ease so that it does not show through the new coats of paint.
  • Painting ceilings: Painting is never easy and most amateurs often tend to forget all about the ceiling. You need to avoid committing the same mistake. Just use paint scaffolding to clean, prep the ceilings. And now, you should be able to apply the primer as well as paint the ceilings so that it does not look strange. Use paint rollers and wear protective clothes along with googles as you get ready to tackle the ceiling. 

These are some of the essential pointers that you would need to keep in mind, as you gear up to start painting your home.

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