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Icebox: Preserve Things Cold for a Long Time

An icebox is a must-have for any outdoor event: a day at the beach, a weekend camping trip, or an afternoon cookout in your garden. As such, it is pretty simple to buy these iceboxes online, and they look appealing from the outside and include adequate insulation on the inside. So, here are a few suggestions to help you choose the ideal one for your next trip.

Choosing the Right Icebox for Your Needs

Consider the reputation of the company that makes your new icebox before purchasing. And if you consider this, your next BBQ or camping vacation will be more enjoyable. So when choosing a model, it’s crucial to think about how much food and drink you’ll be able to fit in the container before making a final decision. Furthermore, instead of a single, cumbersome box, it could be preferable to have two, more manageable ones. And the following are some top ideas for extending the life of your ice cubes in your cooler once you’ve chosen one:

Use Ice Blocks to Prevent Ice From Melting

There isn’t much solid ice in crushed ice, which means that it melts rapidly and leaves you with an icebox full of chilled water. Meanwhile, the term “block ice” refers to ice that has been compressed into a single block. Compared to crushed ice, it will keep your icebox just as cold, but it will not dissolve as soon as the latter does. Icepacks and soft and hard block ice are also readily available, making transportation and storage a breeze. Besides, you may also create your own using ice cream cartons or juice bottles, being sure to provide room for more.

Add Some Salt to Your Ice Cubes

This way, your ice will be colder than frozen freshwater because salt reduces the freezing point of the water. You can also use salt water instead of adding your salt to get the best results.

Make Sure Everything Is at a Comfortable Temperature

You may get the most out of your icebox if you pre-cool the items stored within. So, put the cold food into the icebox after chilling in the refrigerator for a few hours. By avoiding the need to chill the contents, you extend the life of your ice.

Add in a Few More Brewskies!

Even if the ice in your icebox is already half-melted, don’t remove it from the ice cube tray. Your block ice will take longer to melt if you submerge it in cold water.

Keep It Away From Sunlight

For obvious reasons, the sun is your deadliest adversary when keeping your ice. So as much as possible, keep your icebox in the shade and ensure there’s enough ventilation around it. Keeping the icebox in your vehicle or tent while it’s hot outdoors is like placing a roasting pan in the oven. Even a blanket or towel might help protect your icebox from the sun, while a moist towel is notably better if you’re at the beach.

Ensure that you explore all the options for iceboxes online before buying the perfect one. Also, you must know that the ice in an airtight icebox will last longer than ice in an icebox that is just partially full. And more food or beverages in your icebox means less air that must be chilled and maintained at a specific temperature.

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