How to Sell Feet Pictures Online Using Feetpics

Much as this may sound like a myth, the truth is that you can sell feet pictures online and make money, but is it even a legal business idea?

In this post, we will discuss how to sell feet pictures online using Feetpics. But first, what is this all about.

This business entails taking very good pictures of your feet and then selling them to those who may need them. Besides people who are just satisfying their feet fetishes, businesses may also need feet pictures for advertisements, especially those in the feet business like beauty salons and shoe businesses.

Are you legally allowed to sell feet pictures online?

The answer to this question all depends on where you are located in the world. Selling pictures of your feet is legal in some countries like America, UK, Canada, and Australia so long as you are over 18 years.

In other countries, however, this business is illegal because of their strict religious beliefs. So before you start, find out if this is allowed in your country because you do not want to get into trouble in the name of doing business.

How to sell feet pictures online on Feetpics

Feetpics is one of the most common websites for selling feet pictures online. Besides Feetpics, there are other platforms for selling feet pictures that you can use. To get started using the website, you have to first create an account and add a seller page. Ensure that your seller page is as detailed as possible, which will help the buyers to know more about you and your products.

They also allow you to add listings on your page and different categories depending on the different types of feet pictures you plan on selling. You also need a suitable name, and it is advisable not to use your real name.


Once the account is set up, you will be given a dedicated URL which is what you use to reach out to your fans.

The final part of the account setup is uploading different pictures of your feet into your gallery. You need to take this as a business, which means you need to upload great quality pictures. Most smartphones nowadays will take good enough pictures, but if you can afford professionally taken pictures, then do it, after all, you want to lay a good foundation for your business.

Once you are done with all the steps, submit your page for approval which can be accepted or declined. However, if you are of age and have followed all the instructions, you will most likely be accepted.

Once you are approved to sell on the page, then you can add more pictures for variety. You may also need to promote the page to give it prominence on the website and attract more eyes to your photos. This is especially true if the competition from other sellers is high.

You can also advertise your services on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok among others, and redirect people back to your Feetpics page.

Final thoughts

I hope you are convinced that selling feet pictures is a viable business idea. If you would like to give it a try, then you must take good care of your feet to be able to produce good-looking photos. In addition, you need to invest in a good camera.

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