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Health and Fitness

How to Run Fast This Fall: New Trails, Racing—And 90s Windbreakers

We see you, fall. Crisp air and colorful views are the perfect combination for runners. It’s prime time to get your body moving in preparation for the winter months ahead. Make the most of the season, bring your running to the next level and look good doing it in retro 90s windbreakers with the following tips.

Choose Your Shoes: Workout Shoes for Men and Women

Workout shoes for men and women will vary depending on the type of training and physical activity you are doing. Your body moves in differeny ways based on your activity. For optimal performance, you want your training shoes to be comfortable and supportive. Your gym shoes, cross training shoes or running shoes should be designed to keep up with your demands.

Whether you’re hitting the path or the pavement, you should expect your running shoes to be responsive and give you confidence. Comfort, technology and style will take you beyond the finish line. Be sure to explore your perfect fit for your particular running style. What runner doesn’t want to feel light on their feet?

Master the Art of Layering: Technical Gear and 90s Windbreakers

The weather can fluctuate wildly in the fall. If you’re out for a long run and it’s cool and blustery, but expected to warm up and calm down, you’ll have to practice the art of layering. It starts with the base layers and ends with the layers you can easily peel off and tuck away.

If you’re going to the track, it’s definitely ideal to have a track jacket and track pants to warm up and cool down in. The old school swagger of 90s windbreakers is the classic, comfortable jacket to have in your collection. Performance leggings are another must-have for fall running.

Get Those Goals: Set New PRs, Sign Up for a Race

Setting new goals for yourself or aiming for personal records gives you something to look forward to and is an excellent way to stay motivated. It could be as simple as getting up and running before work to start your day off on the right foot or shaving 30 seconds off your best mile time.

The cool weather and beautiful foliage make fall one of the most popular times of year for running. Signing up for an event gives you something to train for and get excited about. Whether it’s a 5k fun run or a 50k trail race, fall presents plenty of racing opportunities. Pick a race, train for it, and have fun this fall.

Mix Up Your Terrain: Trail, Track, Pavement

Fall is an exciting time of year to try new running routes. There’s nothing quite like running through the brightly-colored trees or listening to the sound of fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet. It’s a glorious season for running on many different levels.

You can keep your running fresh if you pick new routes or terrain you don’t normally run on. While your daily neighborhood runs are convenient and necessary, it’s also great to throw in some planned track work or hit local trails for some variety. Running should never feel boring or repetitive, so switch up your scene and train your legs and muscles in new ways.

About Reebok

Known as one of the best fitness brands in the world, Reebok continues to shape the industry with their premium footwear and athletic apparel. The company pushes the envelope with dynamic designs and innovative materials to level up your performance without sacrificing quality or comfort. You can easily lead an active lifestyle with their diverse collection that features everything from gym shorts to mens walking shoes that provide unparalleled support. Their online resources offer tips and tricks on how to improve your workouts, wellness and wardrobe with ease. It doesn’t matter if you need to create an ensemble for the gym or weekend errands; Reebok offers everything you need.

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Caleb Houser

Since my first mountain bike race, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and a health nut since I discovered how much better I race after! When I’m not at the gym or on my bike, I love blogging about all the cool health and wellness products my friends and I have come across. As I seek out new wellness adventures and develop my blog, I hope my personal fitness stories help you find your favorite wellness brands and products. Thanks for checking out my profile!

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