How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush

Games are one thing by which we can get a lot of relaxation. We love to play games whether we are tired or fresh, sad or happy, every time. We always love to play addictive games. Candy crush saga is one of the most popular games of the last decade. From children to old people love this game to play. It can also give an opportunity of winning a lot of money. This candy crush game has given a high profit since 2012. It is a puzzle game where one should match at least 3 candies. This is a very interesting game. So there are many developers who want to develop these types of games. So here we are discussing how to make games like candy crush.

  1. Decide Your Target Audience:

First, deciding your target audience is important. Because there is a choice between a kid and an adult and a young man. So firstly know for whom you are designing the game. If the game is for ages 10-20 then you can include some educational information. Be sure you have put every possible interesting element according to them. On the other hand, if you want to make this game for people aged 40 to 50 or 60 you can put a concept of Chase. You can also use some tricky methods that they will love. It can give your app massive success. So go for it and then select a theme.

  1. Choose the Right Game Engine;

A game engine refers to software that gives the game developers a set of necessary tools and features that help them to efficiently create a gaming app. As well as it can give your game perfect quality and efficiency. There are a lot of game engines in the market which have different kinds of benefits and weaknesses. So it is important to choose it very wisely without being confused. You can go for native development that allows you to simplify the development process as well as provide an additional list of visuals and side effects.


  1. Engaging Gaming App Features Are Necessary:

When you develop a game it is important to give many features. Then a user will come back again and again. Always try to create a game by which your visitors will interact with you. Then your website will become successful. If you want to create a game that is more effective then you should always give more options and features. It can give your customers a good gaming experience. If your audience comes to you every time and gets the same features then they become bored easily and uninstall it.

For a game like candy crush, you can use features of new levels and give prize boosters. It can help you to engage your audience easily. ‘Beanstalk’ feature is another interesting feature that can increase your customers’ Experience. This feature helps them to collect as many boosters as they can and as long as they don’t pick the pink candy monster. Create a game not so tough and not so easy.

  1. The perfect monetization strategy:

Monetization strategy is an important element if you design the game for the elder person. It can engage your audience more and more. As most of the match-3 gaming apps don’t have a monetization process people become bored too fast because they cannot get anything for their good performance. So you can go for it. Then your app becomes more unique.

So for this, you should go for some research and figure out a monetization strategy. Always choose the strategy that suits your gaming app. In the case of the app Candy Crush, the players have to pay for extra moves, lives, and tasty boosters. Whether the players are really into your game at one point as well as another, those players would definitely make a purchase or two.

  1. Sound Effects and Graphics:

When you are going to develop this app the sound effects and graphics is another important factor that you should look after. If you use bad and uninteresting graphics in the game then it will not be able to attract more players. So always try to put an amazing design, animations, and mesmerizing sound effects. Then people love to spend time with your app. If you ever play Candy crush then you must know how interesting the sound is. So always choose a sound like it.

  1. Social Integration is a Plus Point:

Social Integration is important for an app. It can help you to get more users. You should give the opportunity to Login with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your customers.


Candy crush is a very interesting game. So go for the clone. And for making this just hop over the article then you can know how to make games like candy crush.

Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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