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How to Maintain Your Geyser to Prevent Accidents?

A geyser, or you can say a water heater is quite common in India. However, even though you have the best geysers in India, the geyser will require as much care as the other electronic device. There is no doubt that manufacturers offer the best parts that can easily withstand constant cooling and heating; you should remember that the best parts can also wear down if they come under continuous pressure. So, to help you with this, here are some effective maintenance tips for the geysers that you follow to prevent any possible accidents. 

While installing the geyser

Maintain sufficient space around the machine

When you are installing a geyser, make sure that there is sufficient space between the walls and the machine. Or else the technicians may not be able to repair or service the unit properly. Besides, make sure that the machine is easily accessible. Some people place the geyser on the top of the toilet, but this can hinder the technicians from reaching the machine. 

Sufficient height

If you want to install a geyser, it is advisable that you should install these machines at a height of at least 1.5 meters. Placing your geyser at such a height will ensure sufficient water pressure, and you will enjoy better water flow. 

Switched and electrical connections

Whether you are installing a geyser or the best room heaters in India, make sure the machine is properly connected to the MCB- Miniature Circuit Breaker. MCBs can cut off electricity when there is a power fluctuation. As a result, this will lower the chances of a possible short circuit in your machine. Besides, install the switches at a sufficient height to keep your kids protected. 

Regular maintenance tips

Don’t run the geyser for extended periods

It has been seen that people keep their geyser on for hours, especially in the morning. They think, as everyone needs warn water, by keeping the geyser on, they can save time. However, if you keep the geyser on for hours, then it will lower the lifespan of the machine. So, it is advisable to turn it on only five to ten minutes before you need it. Don’t turn in before one hour. 

Lower the temperature to save more on the bill

When you reduce the temperature setting, the water will reach that particular temperature much faster. A reduced temperature means the geyser will run for a few minutes, and as a result, this will enhance the life span of the machine.

Always check the condition of the anode rod

Most of the geysers have anode rods. The anode rod keeps the water heater protected from rusting and corrosion. However, the rod gets corroded after a few years. So, you should check the rod’s condition regularly and, if required, replace it every 4 to 5 years. 

Follow these tips, and you can keep the best geysers in India running smoothly for a long time. Besides, always prefer to servicing your geyser only by a trained professional.

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