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How to get verified on Facebook Requirements and Bonus Tips

Facebook Verified Requirements

Everything You Must Know to Get Verified on Facebook

The blue badge of Facebook’s verification signifies:

“Facebook verified that this Page (or profile) is authentic of the person or brand that it is a representation of.”

It’s a double-edged sword:

  • It provides your brand with immediate credibility as people look at this badge Click Here in blue as an official seal of acceptance from Facebook affirming that your company is legit.
  • If you encounter a large number of fraudsters trying to appear as if they represent your company The blue badge is an immediate indication to visitors that the page you have created is the authentic page.

So, how do you become verified on Facebook?

Today, we’re going to talk about how to earn this blue badge for Facebook.

Facebook Verification Badges

Let’s start by talking quickly about Facebook badges. We’ve already defined that blue badge as verification but you might be thinking about the older gray verification badge.

Do you all remember this?

The badge was grey which was much more accessible as compared to the blue badge and if a company had the gray badge, it signified that the business was verified to be authentic by Facebook through an application it had previously completed. However, Facebook removed the grey badge several years ago.

We’re left with the blue badge of verification.

Facebook Verification Requirements

Before we go into the process of proving it, let’s look at the criteria you have to satisfy to be eligible to receive this program.

Your website must meet the following 5 requirements:

1. You must abide by Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Also, you must include a profile picture or cover photo as well as a Page name that is in line with the guidelines.

2. Your website must be authentic, which means it should represent a genuine individual, registered business, or a legal entity.

3. Your profile must be complete that is, it should be accessible to the public, and include an avatar, bio, and at minimum one post.

Your profile shouldn’t include “add me” hyperlinks on other media sites.

4. Your site must be unique, that is, it should be the only existence of the organization it represents.

In general, only an account for each entity can be verified with the exception of accounts for accounts with specific languages.

They claimed that they don’t check accounts with general interest (ex for example puppies memes).

5. Your website must be noteworthy in that it has to be well-known, extensively searched for the brand, individual, or business.

They evaluate accounts mentioned in multiple news outlets They do not consider commercial or paid content as sources to review.

Here are a few additional things to consider which aren’t required however they are important to be aware of:

1. If you give incorrect or false information in the verification process Facebook has announced that they will take away your badge verified and decide to take further action to remove your account.

Don’t do it!

2. If your account is for an individual who is a person, you’ll require a copy of your official government-issued photograph identity to verify your request.

A few examples include the driver’s license, passport, or national identification card.

3. If your account is for an entity, you’ll require the following documents: the following:

  • an electric or telephone bill,
  • an official certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation
  • or tax exemption documents.

4. Even even if you have verified your Instagram profile is approved and linked with your Facebook page, that doesn’t mean that Facebook will automatically accept the Facebook confirmation application.

5. You’ll be able to write a few lines outlining the reasons why the account needs to be granted the verified badge. Additionally, you’ll be able to share relevant URLs that can help to demonstrate the legitimacy of the account therefore, take advantage of this!

How To Verify on Facebook The Application Procedure

In that regard, we’ll begin the process of applying and talk about how to apply how to verify your account on Facebook. If you happen to land at the Facebook for Business article you will be able to scroll down until it states “Apply to get a Facebook verifiable badge.”

From there, it will link directly to your form!

You’ll have to have an account on Facebook on this page so that you can choose the account or page you’d like to be verified. You’ll then need to select from their array of prompts and dropdowns making the selections that are most appropriate for your company.

At the bottom, you will find some open-ended questions which include the option of sending five links that prove that you are able to prove that the Page and profile are of the public’s interest.

We can for instance put:
  • A link to our appearance on The Profit, a show on CNBC. The Profit,
  • A link to our company profile, which shows that we have made our way onto the Inc. 2020. 500’s list of the most rapidly growing companies in the world.
  • A link to our latest report on Cheddar,
  • as well as a handful of articles we’ve featured in, such as Forbes.

When you click submit, you will be on a webpage similar to this.

It basically transforms your submission into the form of a “Support conversation” in the event you decide to submit something other than what they’ll say.

What to Do If You’re Not Verified on Facebook

If they do not accept your application, you’ll be able to reapply within 30 days.

For now, here are some suggestions Facebook provides about how to do it.

  • Include a description on your Page or your account’s bio to let people know who you are.
  • Utilize stories to give you an inside look into your own life.
  • Invite your friends to follow you on Twitter so that people can watch you interact with other people.
  • Connect to your profile on the official site, Instagram Page, YouTube, or Twitter account.
Another thing Facebook doesn’t discuss is the significance of followers, or in this instance Pages Likes. Your follower account, as we believe is a factor in the way Facebook considers your credibility and public profile.

Also, we believe it is beneficial to have some.

One thing you could do is visit Facebook’s Facebook Ads Manager and design a specific campaign to increase the number of Facebook page likes. Click Engagement, then scroll down to click Likes on the page.

Then, you’ll go through all the steps that you would normally follow to set up your advertising campaign within the ads set and levels.

What exactly does it mean to select the page is a fan of?

This means that when you choose your audience Facebook will only display your advertisement to those in that group who are most likely to be interested in the page, depending upon what Facebook has learned about their behavior patterns. This is why Facebook’s campaigns that are similar to page likes are extremely effective. Sometimes When you listen to the word “paying in exchange for likes on a page” you can imagine people buying fake followers or bots by the tens of thousands.

This is not what we’re recommending here. Utilizing the Facebook page likes campaign is a highly effective and recommended method of increasing your page’s likes. As an example, we drove 28641 Facebook page likes on behalf of this client via Facebook’s Page Like campaign. The typical cost of a like per click was $0.14 but some advertisements were driving page likes for a cheaper cost than those.

The likes come from a particular, targeted user group that you have selected It’s still their choice to like to follow you on your website. At the bottom of the forms only thing, the cost you’re paying is extended reach to get the advertisement in front of them. So when you think you’re doing everything you can during the verification Website process yet you’re still rejected, that could be something you should do to increase your credibility with Facebook.

A quick question for you Have you ever had the opportunity to be verified?

Answer “yes” when you’ve completed your application, and “not yet” If you haven’t. Please let us know whether you have any additional concerns about how to be confirmed on Facebook! In other words, that’s all we’ve got today for you. If you’d like to be verified for other social media platforms you can look through our specific blog posts on how to be verified via Instagram as well as how to complete the Twitter verification process.

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