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Computers and Technology

How To Design stunning Mobile Websites For Voice Search?

Voice search has made searches more conversational and is focused on the user-friendly experience than the traditional keywords approach to accessing the internet. Voice search is comparatively a quick search option that eliminates the need to click and go to specific websites to find our queries.

What Should You Do?

To design a good mobile website for voice search, one needs to reach a great and tech-friendly Website Design Company. A joint report by Mobile Marketing Association and Digital Agency Isobar stated that voice search queries in India are currently growing at 270% per year. A need for a good mobile website for voice search arises from its increasing demand in the market. The voice feature in a mobile website provides more reliability to the user and bridges the language gap in a multilingual country like India.

The existing voice search devices are Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Android Phones. These devices are super easy to access. The accessibility of these voice search devices is available to us in the comfort of our mobile phones. These voice search devices have become digital companions to humans that assist us in our daily lifestyle and make information readily available to us by just speaking our minds out. Voice searches, at times, are like a friend in need.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Designing Mobile Websites For VoiceSearch?

Mobile websites designing requires a lot of brainstorming and professionalism. With the help of experienced software developers and designers, a good website development company makes the process easy for us. There are various things to keep in mind while designing a voice search website which is as follows:

  • The website that you are designing should be compatible with both iOS and Android. As being accessible to both audience, it brings more traffic to the website which leads to more revenue that is the prime cause of launching a website in the market. The website should be compatible with HTTPS, which helps process web pages from the server-side to the client browser.
  • The website should be able to optimize your content on-site for mobile.
  • We all have become remotely operated humans cum devices in this digital world, so the website must load content fast. So that more engagement is there from the consumer end.
  • Make sure the website is operated in local or regional languages. This makes mobile searches more conversational and benefits search engine optimization in general.
  • The website should be able to identify queries and should be able to convert queries into questions.
Surveys And Figures That HelpIn Choosing The Best From The Existing Ones In The Market:

It is found that 82% of the smartphone users population happen to use voice search technology. The time consumed in a voice process searching is three times faster than typing keywords to surf the internet.

There are various web design companies to compare from the market that offer the best services from design to infrastructure. Website Design Company in Garia, Kolkata, India, provides users with a seamless experience while searching their mobiles. Not only just the designing part, but they also focus on after, use services that help the users engage with the particular websites, out of all the available choices in the market it’s on us how we choose the best website design company in Kolkata, India and fulfill our needs.

Final words

The most important thing to keep in mind while designing a voice search website is to localize the user experience in regional languages, especially in India.

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