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How to create an attractive placement service website?

The pandemic has led to transformational changes in the recruitment industry. The new adaptations were made by every sector like IT, healthcare, and education. Most of them switched to digital work models and obtained advanced technologies. Companies’ most important update for job seekers and employers was the placement service website. However, it takes a lot of effort to create a website that reaches the right people and ranks on google. Let’s understand how you can make a successful website for recruitment services.


Things to keep in mind while developing a placement service website  

According to research, by 2025, 75% of employees will be millennials. Therefore, you need to approach an agency to build a website that is suitable according to the generations. However, basic principles remain the same. Let’s discuss them.

Keep the look simple

The look of your website affects the traffic on your site. Because when your website appears confusing and clunky, the visitors will run away. Therefore, plan, research, and execute the kind of website that will suit your business. Make a great colour, spacing, font, and structure choice. Be clear on how you’ll help your customers through the website.

Create an impact through colours

Various popular job recruiting websites follow a similar colour pattern, i.e., blue, white, yellow, orange, and black. As colours have a psychological impact on our brains, the right colour palettes can generate trust and honesty amongst your visitors. 

Easy navigation

Your website may be beneficial for job seekers and employers. Therefore, you need to create a UI that is easy for all to navigate. It should provide easy solutions without any confusion. Many websites tend to have two pages for each audience for a better experience.

Add a search tool

The essential part of any placement service website is a search tool. It can be attractive, but it has to be simple and easy to use. It should be able to filter amongst the various kinds of jobs to reach the relevant offer. You can add options like location, contract type, salary, job title, and notice period for ease. If you have a great search tool, the visitors will stay on your site, find you reliable, and get leads that are beneficial for you.

Clear call to action

There’s a lot of confusion in the minds of job seekers when it comes to applying. Therefore, you need to tell them the next steps after they find the job. You should add a clear call to action like “apply now” or “send an email.” Your website can also ask visitors to create an account, and you can store their necessary details like a CV. This makes the process quick for everyone. 

Send job alerts

You cannot deny that there’s a lot of competition in the market. To cope up with the competition, the applicants like the first-mover advantages. Besides, instant communication and feedback in real-time have helped the potential employees apply at the right place and time. You can also add an RSS feed to update your visitors regularly. 

Update on social media

A billion users are available on different social media. And to not make correct use of it may make you lose out on opportunities. Therefore, consider optimizing your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more significant benefits. You can add these social media icons to your website even to create better trust and engagement. Besides, you can create trendy content and post blogs to catch visitors to your website.

Write blogs

Blog content is a great way to rank on google. To attract job seekers, you need to write blogs like “how to write a reliable CV” or “How to crack the job interview” to attract job seekers. Make sure that you utilize the target keywords efficiently and use the anchor text to link other pages. Google has a realization that recruitment websites put up and take down various job openings, which makes them difficult to rank. Therefore, it’s wise to create other content unique.

All in all, you should consider making an attractive placement service website by considering the points discussed above to get leads and impressions. Creating an excellent placement service website can, of course, take a lot of work and practice. But all of your efforts will be rewarded. There are numerous advantages for your placement firm, ranging from a greater profit to a more delightful experience for clients and candidates (both potential and current). Thus keep in mind the points discussed above and start building an excellent placement service website that matches your brand and values and attracts both applicants and clients.

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