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How to Convert OST to PST without Outlook?


Converting OST (Offline Storage Table) files to PST (Personal Storage Table) without using Outlook can be a challenging task. OST files are used by Microsoft Outlook to allow users to work offline and synchronize changes when they reconnect to the server. However, there are instances when you may need to convert OST to PST without having access to Outlook, such as when you want to migrate to a different email client or recover data from a corrupt OST file. In such cases, a reliable third-party OST to PST converter tool like Xtraxtor OST to PST Converter can come to the rescue.

Reasons to Export OST to PST without Outlook

There are several reasons why you might need to convert OST to PST without using Outlook:

  1. Migrating to a Different Email Client: If you are switching from Outlook to a different email client that doesn’t support OST files, you’ll need to convert OST to a more universally supported format like PST.
  2. Data Recovery from Corrupt OST: In case your OST file becomes corrupt or inaccessible due to various reasons, converting it to PST can help you recover data and access your emails and other items.
  3. Independent Conversion: When you don’t have access to a Microsoft Outlook installation or have limited access to Outlook, a standalone OST to PST converter becomes essential for the conversion process.
  4. Backup and Archiving: Converting OST to PST allows you to create a backup or archive of your Outlook data for safekeeping or transferring to another system.

Best Way to Convert OST to PST without Outlook

Xtraxtor OST Converter is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to convert OST files to PST format without requiring Microsoft Outlook. The software offers a range of features to ensure a smooth and efficient conversion process. With this utility, you can export OST to PST in bulk. It is completely stand alone utility which means you do not need to install Outlook application to convert OST to PST. With this tool, you can also convert OST to EML, and 10+ file formats.

Step 1. Download and run Xtraxtor OST to PST Converter tool on your system.

Step 2. Now, Click on open >> Email Data Files >> Outlook OST/PST Files >> Choose OST file from folder.

Step 3. Click on export and select PST from the given options.

Key features of Xtraxtor OST to PST Converter

  1. Selective Conversion: You can choose specific OST folders or items to convert, allowing for selective migration based on your requirements.
  2. No Outlook Dependency: This Converter operates independently of Microsoft Outlook, making it a reliable solution even when you don’t have access to Outlook.
  3. Data Integrity Preservation: The tool ensures that all email attributes, such as sender, recipient, subject, date, and attachments, are preserved accurately during the conversion process.
  4. Bulk Conversion: This Converter supports batch conversion, enabling you to convert multiple OST files to PST format simultaneously.
  5. Import Ost to Cloud Services: With this utility, you can directly import OST file to Gmail, Office 365, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and many other email accounts.
  6. Preview Option: Before the actual conversion, the software provides a preview of the OST file contents, allowing you to verify the data and ensure accuracy.
  7. Compatibility: The software is compatible with various versions of Windows, ensuring broad accessibility for users on different operating systems.


Converting OST to PST without using Outlook is made possible and hassle-free with the help of specialized tools like Xtraxtor OST to PST Converter. This solution enables users to convert their OST files to PST format independently of Outlook, offering flexibility and convenience for various scenarios like data migration, data recovery, and backup creation. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Xtraxtor OST to PST Converter provides a reliable solution for seamless and accurate OST to PST conversion.

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