How to choose the best EV charger companies?

Best EV charger companies

Electric cars have been in the buzz for a very long time now. Various companies are introducing their Electric cars in the market and the motive behind it is to reduce carbon emissions into the environment & protect the planet from harm caused due to the burning of fossil fuels.

For such kinds of cars, charging stations are being set up so that people can easily charge their Electric cars while traveling. This helps in preventing the need to have a personal EV charger for yourself. But, if you want to have one, you can choose from the many available EV charger companies in India. There are a variety of options to go for, depending on your need & capacity.


Tips to choose EV charger companies:


Many petrol-car drivers are wary of switching to electric vehicles because they worry that they will not be able to find a charging station when they need one – or that the charger won’t work for their vehicle.Buying a charger that works with all types of EVs is important. It ensures that you are capable of serving all types of EV drivers because it is designed to be universal. Choose a reliable charger from a company that provides timely, helpful customer service. Additionally, consider the charger’s track record for reliability, e.g. does it often break down?

An optimum number of charging stations:

When installing chargers, research the gap in your area. How many EVs are sold in your area? Compare those figures to a map of charging stations nearby. If you’re an employer, survey your employees to find out about EV ownership and the number of charging stations near them. The places that provide sufficient, reliable charging will be the places that drivers make sure to visit daily as more people switch to EVs. These will include shopping areas, restaurants, and workplaces.

Where is the station placed:

It is important to locate EV charging stations close to power and visible to your customers. Chargers need to be plugged in. The cost to run a conduit to connect the charging station to the power supply will be higher. Charge stations should be placed as close to the power source as possible. The EV parking spots also need to be visible from the road for drivers to see them easily while pulling in. Gas-car drivers need to see a parking lot, period. EVs need to realize they’ll be able to charge while they park, shop, dine or call.

Sustainability for a long time:

The charging station lives outside all day and is constantly being used and touched by people and cars. For best results, make sure that the brand you select is durable and long-lasting. Ideally, a charger should have a rugged and weather-resistant exterior, and a steel and aluminum construction that makes it both durable and shockproof. It should also be water-resistant and able to take a beating without losing its ability to function.

Using smart apps by Electric vehicle charging companies in India, you can schedule charging to take place at predetermined times, and you can use buttons, touch screens, or even by waving your hand to begin charging.

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