How to activate iPhone without sim card

Have been you having a difficult time activating your iPhone or iPad? If you have an iPhone or an iPad, and you’re faced with authentication problems, you don’t have to be terrified or worry, because the solutions to those puzzles are here on this site.


That being said, I must warn you that reading this article from start to finish is necessary because the effectiveness of these solutions depends on it.
But if your iOS machine is locked into an undesirable network, you may want to check out the methods that we’re going to teach you.
Presently, inside this post, we’re going to show you three methods that you can use to fix this problem, so feel free to take your choice.

How to unlock your iPhone device without a sim card

1. Use iTunes

Yeah, as you would imagine, virtually every iOS app problem can be solved with iTunes. This is because it’s very easy and faster to use. So, without wasting resources, follow the process below to activate a smartphone device without a sim card using iTunes.

  • Get a computer and turn it on
  • Launch iTunes
  • Just go to the Support section and search for updates. If there is an upgrade, apply the upgrade 
  • Attach your iOS device to your machine using a USB cable 

After connection, tap the option to set up your device and hit the continue button
So you’ll have the opportunity to install your sim card and activate your apple device
Now include the rest of the information you needed, such as the Apple ID, your passcode, and the rest.
When you’re done, just click the Start button and you’ve provided a fix to the problem. 

2. Use R-sim / X-sim 

You can even use the R-sim / X-sim to activate your iPhone without a sim card. It’s been used by thousands of people and the succes recorded has always been 100%, and it’s solved the problem for most people, and it’s always going to work for you too. 

But just for the sake of knowledge, let me explain what the function of an R-sim / X-sim is 

The R-sim / X-sim is a global unlock sim card that can be used to activate carriers as well as facilitate the device to use another local sim. So, in simple terms, R-sim / X-sim will help you activate your ios device.

It is not an everyday tool you can find on every smartphone user so I believe there is a chance you might not have it. However, you may reach out to some of your friends who might have any in their possession or simply buy one.
It’s not costly, so it’s not going to be hard to buy one since it is readily available.
If you already have a R Sim or an X Sim, continue with the instructions below.

  • Attach the R-sim or the X-sim to your phone
  • Choose your carrier provider from the lists, proceed to pick your network 
  • Then you should reboot your phone
  • When you restart your Apple device, wait until the unlock process begins automatically.

Your smartphone will start looking for your selected network carrier during the process.

If the entire process is done, you’ve successfully unlocked your iOS smartphone without sim.

3. Activation by jailbreaking

Why should you still use this alternative? Well, I have to tell you that this is not a preferred approach. Although it succeeded for most users, and if you need to try jail-breaking, make sure you’ve tried the two suggested solutions above. Even then, you might be curious why this choice is not recommended, well let me make it much easier.

The word jailbreak in iOS implies that you actually have root privileges to your operating system and that word can be used across all Apple devices, namely iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

This is not advised because you are vividly tampering with the system core files. Any error could cost you your smartphone, and the whole process would bypass the dependence of Apple.

The Jail-breaking iOS technique gives you the freedom to change and customize your device’s core files, and with this method, you can unlock your device and do a lot of cool things.

If you still want to continue with the jailbreak process, I advise you to learn more about the involvement. Also, the whole method because the process is stressful, particularly if you’re not a gadget freak. One of the key implications is that if you do this, you immediately cancel your warranty even if the process succeeds.

But the process is certainly going to work if you do it correctly.


Due to the security measures on iOS devices, you can be faced with iPhone activation issues when the security is tampered with and you can fix the activation problems using iTunes, R, or X sim cards or by simply jailbreaking your device. However, Jailbreaking is not advised since it requires basic technical and device tweaking knowledge. If you try the above methods you are sure to achieve 100% success.

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