How Much Elderberry Quantity a Normal Person Can Take in a Day?

Elderberry? You probably did or probably didn’t hear about it. It’s just another berry-like strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry, so what’s so exciting about it? Nothing exciting, but it sure does have a lot of health benefits. No wonder they use it in medicines.

Elderberry is a berry that is a dark purple colour that comes from the elderberry shrub. Elderberries are rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that can help cure constipation, sinus, flu, fever, and the common cold. Some researchers even revealed that it could aid in curing toothaches, burns, and sciatica.

How Much Can You Take in a Day?

Elderberry supplements

The answer to this is quite simple; there is no specific dosage to elderberries. It entirely depends on what your healthcare provider advises you depending upon your condition.

A study suggested that a tablespoon of elderberry syrup taken four times a day is best for flu. However, it is always best to look for professional advice. Self-medication should be avoided at all costs.

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Here is a common battle that people boggle on, elderberry gummies vs syrup. Elderberry supplements come in various forms; the most commonly used is syrup or gummies. Which one is better?

Elderberry gummies are perfect for kids. Gummies attract them and trick them into thinking of it like candy. Which is a good thing since they don’t make a fuss about it. Warning: keep out of reach of children. Only give it to them as the healthcare provider prescribed under your supervision.

Syrup, on the other hand, is less processed and is considered a fancy drink which is better for teens and adults.

Elderberries, as you may know, are cooked before it’s consumed by the people to ensure that its safe to eat. From there then it is formed into either gummies or syrup. The main difference is that the syrup is made by adding sugar, and the gummies are made by adding gelatine and sugar.

Obviously, the healthiest way to consume them is to pick them fresh, right out of the garden; however, that may not necessarily be possible since it is not grown everywhere. Therefore, supplements are a great substitute.

Pros and Cons of Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup, as mentioned earlier, is less processed; thus more of the natural compound is consumed. The syrup can be easily made at home with fresh elderberry and sugar. That syrup can then be consumed as it is or can be added to drinks; you can even add the fizz to it.

However, elderberries are pretty darn tart, which means the sugar in them is A LOT! Diabetic patients may not be recommended the syrup by their health care provider. You have to be pretty careful with the consumption level because elderberries are high in fibre and can cause stomach issues for some.

Pros and Cons of Elderberry Gummies

This one seems pretty obvious, it’s easier to consume; who can resist gummy candies, right? Especially if the candy can help improve your health. It is the best way to feed it to the kids; you can even put them in their lunchbox to have a healthy candy dessert.

For gummies, you are not sure how much of the real elderberry the brand is using, they usually add in a lot of fillers, so it’s not exactly pure as it should be. Besides, the price tag of the gummies is higher in comparison.


In a nutshell, elderberries are good for you, that’s a fact. How you intend to consume it and how much to consume its, is entirely up to you and your healthcare provider. It is packed with zinc and vitamin C; missing out on it because you can’t decide on what to have is just wrong.


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