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Health and Fitness

How Much Do a Personal Trainer Cost Toronto

Personal trainer cost in Toronto depends upon several factors including your fitness training program, the experience of your Personal trainer cost in Toronto, and the location in which you are going to train. Sometimes, an individual requires extra attention to accomplish his fitness goals.

Which requires a trainer to prepare a customized workout plan? Therefore, the answer is not so simple, first, we have to find out what a personal trainer does.

Who Is a Personal Trainer in Toronto?

When we heard the word trainer, we think of a strict teacher making his students sweat all day in the gym. However, a trainer does a lot more than we can even imagine. Over time the importance of fitness has skyrocketed since newer studies started to reveal the surprising benefits of a healthy physique.

Here everyone is rushing towards gym clubs for improving their overall well-being. Which also increases the demand for personal trainers and their responsibilities as well.

A personal trainer is an expert having years of experience in exercise science and body nutrition. However, he is not a full-time nutrition expert offering food behavior advice. Yet he has enough knowledge to educate the trainees about what foods they should avoid during the fitness session.

Moreover, he remains there with his client to monitor his overall progress. His responsibility is to find out the weak areas of the client, advising him to work on them and walk on the road to success.

Knowing such details might urge you to know about what is personal trainer Toronto costs in Toronto 

Personal Trainer Toronto Cost

If we break down the hourly cost of the best personal trainer in Toronto, it ranges between $40-$60 per hour depending on the location of your fitness club. Some fitness facilities offer a free introductory session where clients get to know about the expertise of their fitness trainers.

In some areas, the cost of a personal fitness trainer lies between $25-$55 for 60 minutes session. While others ask for the same rate as a 90-minute overall fitness session. If you ask the trainer to come home your fee will be about $70 or above as well.

A promising factor in determining your cost besides location is the type of training program you want to enroll in.

Below are the programs in which you can enroll 

Personal Training 

  • $95-$125 Per session 
  • Nutritional Guidelines 
  • Metabolic Analysis 
  • Discounts for 2 on 1

Semi-Private Training 

  • The overall cost of such a program is $180 a week 
  • 2-3 Sessions per week 
  • Strength Training
  • Metabolic conditioning 
  • Personally, Assigned Coach 
  • Body Composition Assessments 

28 Day Challenge 

  • 3 sessions in a week (60 minutes per session)
  • Strength Training 
  • Basic Nutritional Guidelines 
  • Initial Body Composition 
  • Online Support 

Per Month Cost of a Trainer 

The cost of a personal trainer in Toronto for the whole month ranges from $200-$400 which mostly includes 2-3 sessions per week as per your schedules. The above-mentioned price is for an average trainer performing his duties in a smaller fitness gym without the luxury amenities of larger chairs.

Some people living on a tight budget might not afford such an amount to pay at once. However, you can go for collective packages like 4-5 where the amount will be lower in terms of discounts. The more session you book in advance with your fitness trainer more discounted rates you can avail yourself.

Group Fitness Training Prices 

If you consider the personal trainer in Toronto cost too much for you. There is an option for group fitness classes as well. Such programs are designed for people having a tight budget to afford a dedicated personal trainer for their fitness routine. Besides, there are many benefits of group classes for people who are alone in their lives. Such individuals get a chance to make new friends and expand their social circle through training. However, you may not get the proper attention of the trainer. That is why often people hesitate to enroll in group classes.

peronal trainer in toronto


Below we are going to break down factors affecting personal trainer Cost Toronto 

While calculating personal trainer costs you need to consider the following factors

Location of the sessions:

The impacting factor on the cost of a fitness trainer is the location of your sessions. Whether you train in a fitness club or at home, if they run with you on the route around your neighborhood the cost will be different. On the other hand, if you are already a member of a gym where you enrolled as a personal trainer your fee will be less than newbies.

While if you aim to get an online session for your health. You will be able to save more amount than going physically to the gym. It is because online sessions are pre-recorded and trainers don’t have to put effort repeatedly into their clients.

They record a video session depending on the fitness needs of clients and send it right away. The user can easily listen to details sitting inside the home and learn the art of fitness. 

Session Length:

Average length of a fitness session is around 60-90 minutes which trainers recur several times a week. You may get huge benefits from shorter sessions. While some athlete has dedicated fitness goals where they need larger sessions from their trainers. So, the cost of a personal trainer in Toronto relies on the time duration after the location of your training classes.

Number of Sessions:

Your expert fitness trainer will charge you for the number of sessions you want in a week. Usually, there are 2-3 sessions in a week as it is essential for athletes to follow a 24-48 hours gap between their workouts. It’s better for their muscles to recover quickly and remain in optimal form for the next workout session.

Trainers Experience:

Last but not least factor for deciding the cost of your personal trainer. Usually, there is a difference between trainers some have started their journey as fitness experts.  While others possess years of experience in the same field. Therefore, an experienced trainer might ask you for more than a new one who has entered the industry.

Above is a breakdown of the personal trainer cost where you can see the difference and join whatever kind of fitness classes to accomplish your fitness-related goals. 

Some individuals who aim to live a healthy life can enroll in group classes. Where they can learn the art of proper workouts and maintain their health for the long term. While others who have to become pro-athletes should join personal training classes.

Where they can get all the attention of an expert trainer throughout the entire session. These people strive hard to make the most out of their bodies. Enrolling in personal training is the only way for them to reach the heights of success. 

Ending Notes 

Personal trainers are skilled with experience and years of knowledge. Therefore, they charge according to their qualification and deliver promising results. Usually, the best personal trainer in Toronto is one who knows how to help you accomplish fitness-related goals. That’s y their cost is more than an average trainer working in a smaller gym.

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