How can I see who is following or not following me on Facebook?

You can now see your followers on Facebook. You can now see from the detailed list who is following your posts even though you are not friends. We will convey this feature to you with an illustrated explanation.

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What Does Facebook Follow Feature Do, Why Does It Exist?

Facebook is not only a place for individual users, but also a social network used by celebrities and popular people. Also, you can’t add unlimited friends. At this stage, the tracking feature comes to our rescue.

How possible is it for you to add names such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie as friends? It is very unlikely that we follow such celebrities so as not to miss their posts. Facebook does not limit this feature only to popular people, individual users can also benefit from it.

Where to See List of People Who Are Not My Friend But Follow Me?

If there is an audience on Facebook that is aware of all your posts, even though they haven’t added you as a friend, it will appear in the follow-up list. Who is following you secretly with illustrated narration? You will learn.

Log in to your Facebook account and click on the mini-profile photo in the right corner to go to the view your profile section.

Your profile has a friends section. Click here to enter the list of all your friends.

There is another section at the end of the toolbar to write all friends. When you click there, you will see a field called following. Click here and you can see the detailed list. You may also be writing as followers. In general, the list of Facebook followers appears in this area.

Can I Make Arrangements To Prevent People From Following Me On Facebook?

Facebook aims to protect users’ personal rights by offering various features. If you want, you can activate the follower feature, or you can not allow anyone to follow you by deactivating it.

After logging into your Facebook account, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and go to the settings privacy – settings section. A detailed list will open in the settings area as below. From here, after clicking on the public posts section, you can choose “anyone” or “friends” from the “who can follow me” field.

If you choose the Everyone section, foreign people who are not on your friend’s list can follow all your posts moment by moment. When you select the Friends area, you will prevent all other people from following by making them invisible.

If You Unfollow Someone On Facebook, Will Notifications Go?

After you see someone who has added you as friends or followed you on Facebook, you can ” unfollow ” the people you don’t want to see your posts. It would be a shame to friends, will the notification go away? The answer to his question is no.

In order for your friend to understand this, he has to check everyone by entering the follower list, which will be a little difficult to understand among hundreds of people. Therefore, you can easily unfollow anyone you want.

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