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Home Maintenance 101: Ways To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Professional

When you’re planning to clean your bathroom, there’s a lot more to think about compared to when cleaning other rooms of your home. This is because bathrooms have toilets and sinks that need to be kept clean, otherwise, they’ll not only look gross but also will be breeding bacteria & germs which can be bad for you and your family members. 

Moreover, compared to other rooms in your home, bathrooms tend to have a lot of nooks & crannies that mostly go unseen and thereby remain unclean. Besides, a normal bathroom will also have multiple types of surfaces such as tile, glass, porcelain, carpet, wood or marble – meaning different materials will need different ways of cleaning procedures. Hence, we’ve rounded up some of the most essential tips for you to clean your bathroom like a professional. 

Methods To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Professional

  1. Always Dust First

According to a popular service provider for home inspections in Denver City UT, dusting off everything is a great way to start things off. It’s a simple process and you’ll be able to know what areas of your bathroom need a proper deep-cleaning procedure. 

Often you’ll find the bottom as well as the back of your bathroom toilets to be a dusty area. Furthermore, the bathroom windows, cabinets, and hangers should also be properly dusted because they also harbor the most amount of dirt. 

Once you’ve completed the dusting process, your next best step would be to sweep the area clean, so that you can eliminate any stray dust, which might get in your way of cleaning later on. 

  1. Clean All Bathroom Surfaces Separately

As a rule of thumb, you need to use a different cleaner for cleaning different bathroom surfaces, instead of using an all-purpose cleaner. For instance, you can utilize vinegar to clean the bathroom cabinet mirrors, porcelain and tiles. Olive oil can be used to clean wooden surfaces. Additionally, make sure you use different cleaning cloths for different surfaces so that the dirt from one surface doesn’t smear onto another surface. 

Besides, plan to clean all your bathroom surfaces at the same time. For instance, you can start with the porcelain first, such as the bathtub, the toilet, the sink, and so on. Then opt for the shelves and the cabinets. Then, at last, you have to work on the floors because they’ll need time to dry. 

  1. Clean Any Missed Spots

Bathrooms often have areas that you never see or even use, such as the back corners of your sink, cabinet, toilet, and so on. Any area that you don’t use regularly will always collect dust & dirt over time that needs to be cleaned, otherwise, bacteria will start to grow & breed in such areas without you even noticing the same. 

  1. Let The Cleaned Surfaces Dry Over Time

Even though your bathroom units such as the bathtub, sink, toilet or shower are constantly affected by water, they still need time to dry. Hence, once you’ve cleaned your bathtub or shower, open the bathroom windows and let the area air dry. By following such a procedure, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom dry, well ventilated, and thereby prevent the growth of mold, bacteria & mildew. By lowering the moisture & humidity, there will be fewer chances for any mold or bacteria infestation. 

Proceed to follow the aforementioned method for the bathroom sink as well. For the toilets, however, simply keep the toilet lid open for one or two hours, so that the insides get dried up after you’ve cleaned. Additionally, clean your toilets at least once every two weeks. 

For any more suggestions such as the ones mentioned above, get in touch with us today.

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