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Here are some tips to help teachers regularly check student attendance.

Here are some tips to help teachers regularly check student attendance.


Everyone knows the current situation. We all know the world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. What is more serious is that there are many problems in various fields, and education is no exception. Today, this situation creates obstacles to traditional teaching methods. This persistent epidemic has restricted many of the ways the education system works. It influenced everything like the learning process, the curriculum, and the conduct of tests for students.

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Fortunately, there are solutions to several problems. Distance learning is essential to maintaining social distancing because we can’t go out. So, online classroom software is one way for students to reconnect with their respective teachers and start over from where they left off. It is interesting to note that many schools, universities, and even universities are adopting this new teaching method to ensure students’ safety and uncompromising learning.


Online School management software is not always part of the curriculum. This is an unconventional approach to education, but it is the most effective and necessary right now. So, it is clear that not many teachers know how to work efficiently on virtual platforms. However, teachers who still want to do their job will find solutions to problems. The biggest challenge for them is to ensure that students don’t lose interest in such times. The question here is how will they know about it? The answer lies in the word attendance. Yes, to tackle this important issue, teachers need to regularly check student attendance.

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Now how do you handle this problem? Ensuring student attendance is a major challenge facing teachers.


Here are some tips to help teachers regularly check student attendance.



1) Manual or classic attendance method –

Teachers can also use this golden method in a virtual world to get students to attend classes every day. They can keep their registers as they used to be for attendance. This old way of checking attendance when all students come online helps teachers know whether students are taking classes seriously. However, the classic method has its drawbacks. And one of them is uncertain even after attendance. This is because they can attend and leave without knowing the teacher. The number of students may be relatively higher than you can manage, so you may not be able to inform the teacher that a student has dropped out of an ongoing class.


2) After class quiz or survey

This is probably the easiest way for teachers to regularly check student engagement. So, after taking a class, teachers can prepare a short quiz or survey on the same topic taught in each class. Through quizzes and surveys, teachers can know who all attended during class and who attended only for attendance purposes. Those who leave early will not know what to answer in the quiz. This will show students’ interest in research during this period. This method is very effective and easy to use.


3) Provide assignments/projects to students-

This is a great way to engage students in research and ensure participation. Given assignments and projects, the student has no choice but can attend classes to complete the assignments. The teacher will provide timed assignments and projects and will be held accountable on the shoulders of the student. If you are constantly reminded that negligence affects your annual performance, you will attend classes regularly.  online teaching software provides feature of online examination software or a mobile application to easily transfer assignments and submissions.


4) Organize discussion during or after class –

Discussions help ensure student achievement and participation or attendance. During an online session, it is very easy for students to drop out of the session due to several factors. Similarly, it becomes difficult for teachers to maintain discipline as students become easier. Because there are no strict rules for attendance. So, timely discussions help teachers get ideas for student attendance, so interest is also guaranteed. Constant reminders to prepare for discussion will limit students from attending classes.


5) Ask questions at random during class

This is a very easy way to get your students involved in class. Asking students questions reveals their students’ truths and can give teachers a good idea of their participation. However, instead of asking questions in a specific order, teachers have to randomly ask students about the subjects taught in the class. This will also help you know your students’ attendance. We will also limit students to giving up lectures in the middle because they are afraid of getting caught.

6) Video call with students if possible-

This method can only be used if your internet bandwidth is very strong. When all students are online for a class, the teacher can ask the student to leave the camera on so the teacher can see the student’s face. You can also check your own activities throughout the class. However, as mentioned earlier, this is close to impossible for a number of reasons. The only chance this could happen is if you don’t have any technical issues and you have strong connectivity. Some students may not have access to the Internet at all.


7) Contact parents

My personal opinion is that this method should be a teacher’s priority. Generally, parents are interested in the activities they do at school and college. Your child’s schoolwork. Therefore, teachers can use this to their advantage. Especially at this point they will want to know more about teaching kids. So, talking about assignments, activities, and projects assigned to students will help teachers as they can share the load without the parents knowing. Classes and time are also very informative. Parents regularly check with their children, especially those who live with them. Parents don’t have to be fully involved because they don’t have to sit with their children when classes are going on, but you can make sure your children work and work on time.


conclusion :

There are many ways to engage students through the distance learning process, but using them is fair and unnecessary. Many schools and universities are introducing new standards for marking and testing students. Unfortunately, it’s because it’s unfair that there are many students who don’t have internet access at home. And there are many who can’t afford it. Therefore, it is wrong to judge by attendance if you are seriously unable to take a class.


In short it’s a temporary method and we need to find a permanent method so that all students can be evaluated based entirely on their performance without any problems. It is a solution that gives education rights to all students. Until then, the virtual learning process and some methods of tracking student attendance are the only ones we have and can use.


online classroom software is virtualized by Trustee & Principals.

Classroom and software make it easy to track student attendance.


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