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Grand Larceny Virginia

If you have been arrested for a larceny crime, it is essential that you speak with an experienced Virginia criminal attorney. This will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Grand larceny is a serious offense that can have a negative impact on your life. It can result in jail time and a permanent criminal record.


Grand larceny Virginia is an offense that involves the unlawful taking of another person’s property. It is a felony, and it can be charged as a first or second degree crime depending on the value of the stolen property.

If you are convicted of this crime, you will face a minimum of one year in jail and up to twenty years in prison. In addition, you will be subject to a fine not exceeding 2,500 dollars.

In order to be convicted of grand larceny, you must have taken an item that is worth more than $5 or $500 from someone else. You must also have taken it without their consent and with the intention of permanently depriving them of the ownership.

If you are facing a charge of larceny, it is essential that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. The right lawyer can help you avoid a conviction and reduce the penalties.


Merchandise concealment is an offense that can be charged as part of shoplifting. In Virginia, an individual can be convicted of this crime if they buy, conceal, or receive merchandise that is stolen from another person.

This is a type of larceny that can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances and value of the items purchased or received. If the items are worth less than $500, they will be considered petty theft.

If the items are valued at more than $500, they will be charged as grand larceny. This is a felony and conviction stays on your record forever, even as an adult. It can affect your ability to vote, get a job, go to school, obtain security clearance, and join the military. It can also result in deportation. It’s crucial to have an attorney defending you in your case. Mark Nicewicz has more than 25 years of experience and is ready to fight for you.

Use of an animal or vehicle without permission

Virginia law makes it illegal to use an animal, vehicle or aircraft without the owner’s consent. Any person who takes, drives or uses an animal, vehicle or aircraft that does not belong to him, in the absence of the owner and with intent to deprive the owner of possession temporarily, is guilty of a class six felony.

Grand larceny is a serious crime, and in the state of Virginia it carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence. It also stays on your criminal record forever and can affect your future employment, immigration status, security clearance, and may even result in deportation.

In Virginia, a first larceny offense is generally a misdemeanor, but it is important to know that any subsequent larceny convictions will be escalated. For example, a second larceny conviction will result in a 30-day jail sentence and a third larceny will be upgraded to a felony. It is always best to have your attorney on your side if you are facing a larceny charge.


Those who plan crimes with others can face criminal conspiracy charges. A Virginia criminal defense attorney can help build an effective defense against conspiracy charges.

A conspiracy is defined as two or more people who agree to commit a crime, but do not fully carry it out. Prosecutors must be able to prove that the conspirators knew of and intended to commit the crime.

If you are accused of Grand larceny, a qualified conspiracy lawyer can defend you against the charges. This is a serious charge that can result in significant jail time and fines.

If the value of the property that was stolen exceeds $500, the offense is considered a felony. If you are charged with a felony, you will face serious penalties and a permanent criminal record that could limit your future employment opportunities.

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