Get the Next-gen Outsourcing for Your EdTech Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has brough about a huge change to every sector, including the education and healthcare. Specially talking about the EdTech industry, the sector went through huge changes due to the lockdown.

According to data from the e UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the effects of the pandemic were so drastic that over 188 countries had to shut down their schools. This effected over 1.5 billion students across the globe, along with 63 million teachers, both primary and secondary.

That being said, this fall was very well compensated for with the adoption of the technology and services coming from the BPO sector. There are certain next-gen outsourcing ideas and tips that can help your EdTech institute better deal with the fall of the pandemic.

Next-gen Outsourcing for Your EdTech Business
Outsourcing For EdTech Business

Global Market Size for EdTech Industry is Estimated to Grow at 17% CAGR


Next-gen Outsourcing Tips for the EdTech Industry


  • Knowledge Base and Content Cataloging

Ever since the education industry was hit by the pandemic, online education had become the norm. So, the institutes had to add study materials and other resources to their portals to ensure delivery to the students. However, the resources had to be cataloged in a proper way to make it easy for the students to navigate to and find them without much hassle.

  • Email Support and Live Chat

It is quite surprising to know that customers often prefer other channels of communications, instead of on-call. This is because of most customers don’t like to wait in queue for their call to get connected to a human agent. Alternatively, email support and live chat have smaller waiting time, which makes it more preferable for students.

  • Subject Matter Experts

If you are into the EdTech business, you need to have a proper counselor for your prospective students. The job of the counselor would be to help the students with their decision of the courses or career path as a whole.

Keeping the same in mind EdTech call centers and BPO companies have support agents who have outstanding expertise in this field. These agents can transform their expertise and experience into a resource to answer any answer or queries and career-related questions.

  • AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has touched almost every aspect of the business world and the EdTech is no exception. Both AI and machine learning have found prominent places in the development of the education industry. These offer a customized approach to assessments, group and individual analysis for topics, personalization, etc.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has become a very important part of the education industry. Learning is best done through simulations, incentive-based learning, level advancement badges, etc. The integration of augment reality helps in creating an ecosystem for a comprehensive learning through stimulation. AR can make learning more interactive and engaging for every student.

  • Technical Support

Last, but not the least, technical support continues to be an important part of every industry. For the EdTech industry, the possibilities of network issues could ruin everything, especially in an industry where a class extends for a maximum of eight hours.

So, to keep everything in proper working condition, it is extremely important have technical support handy at all times. This will ensure that minimum time is wasted offline.


Finishing Up

The EdTech BPO industry has been a booming area. It has also managed to pull things up and improve the condition of the education sector across the world. However, it has been the most widespread in developed and developing conditions.


As a matter of fact, the number of EdTech call centers in the USA bulged to a staggering number. This also ensured that on-shoring and near-shoring prospects have been the most common portfolio. However, off-shoring hasn’t been very common in this industry since the education criteria for every country differs from each other.

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