Five Tips for giving a perfect wash to your car

For your car to have a long and successful service life as well as for it to have a beautiful appearance, you need to treat it in the right manner. It should be stressed that washing the car in the right way makes a big difference in the way the car looks, its lifespan, and performance. A car owner needs to know that keeping the vehicle clean is an essential part of making sure that it gives a long and successful service period. A good car wash is a simple way of maintaining the good appearance of your vehicle but it needs to be done in the right manner. You might be thinking about what is there to learn about washing a car, but there is much more to it than you might think whether you are car washing in Gold Coast or Sydney.

Some steps can be taken when washing the car that will reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to make your vehicle look exquisite. Here we will discuss some tips to that end and also tricks that can help reduce the ill effects of washing the car in an improper manner. If you take care of your car properly, its painted surface can easily last 2-3 years before requiring any polishing at a service center.

Tip 1 – Use multiple buckets

 It is very important to use more than one bucket for washing the car. If you use one bucket in which you mix the soap and water and dip the rag in it again and again when you wipe the dirt from the vehicle with it, you can be sure that some dirt will get trapped in the rag and the wiping action will cause scratches on the exterior surface of the car. The best way to avoid it is to use one bucket for the soap water and another one for rinsing the rag. In this way, you avoid any damage that can occur to the car exteriors.

Tip 2 – Use the correct soap

Do not use ordinary detergents or soaps for washing the car.This might lead to stripping of the wax protection of the surface along with the dirt and grime. Instead, one should always use the soaps and shampoos specially manufactured for car washing.

Tip 3 – Work from top to bottom

 For effective washing, make use of gravity. Start by washing the topmost parts of the car first and then moving downwards. This ensures that the dirt does not come in contact again with the parts it was washed away from.

Tip 4 – Remove the stubborn dirt

 There are some types of dirt that you will not be able to remove even after applying soap like road tar. Such materials could be soluble in petroleum-based products and should be removed by using them only. So after finishing the soap wash, one should look for such stubborn dirt types and use the appropriate method to clean it.

Tip 5- Take Care of Interior Carpet

One can do this by scrubbing the heavier and clingy dirt particles off the carpets inside the car and then one can vacuum up the carpet. Use the right kind of product to take care of the upholstery of the car which is not harsh. 

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