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Finding an optimal location between the Rockspace extender and Dead zones

What is an optimal location to place my Rockspace local wireless range extender with a router? The place where the signal could reach up to 70 % is called the optimum location between your router and the wifi dead zones. You need to learn about the setup and placement process between your Rockspace wireless router and the range extenders. The range extender could only work when you place it in a position where it can obtain a strong signal from the router that you are using to get the Wi-Fi signals from your ISP.

Place your Rockspace local wireless extender in the Best way

  1. Then the process is required to put the accessories of the range extender to its required place.
  2. You need to hook up the wireless wifi range extender’s antennas first.
  3. Then find a power outlet near your wifi router and then plug the extender just there.
  4. Now turn on the range extender by pressing the power button of the extender.
  5. And then, you have to get linked to the wireless network of Re.rockspace.local.
  6. You need to connect like Rockspace_REC10 in the given space.
  7. Then the process is required to get the web directory.
  8. Navigate the address line of the web directory to Re.rockspace.local
  9. Or you can enter http://ap.setup into the Addy.

But the official web interface makers suggest the user use any web browser, like Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer with version 8.0 or more. Here the users are instructed not to use Firefox for some of the safety reasons.

After setup, configure the Rockspace Extender Dashboard 

  1. Unlock a web browser on your Wi-Fi configuration device.
  2. Enter the web URL http://ap.setup into the address bar of the browser.
  3. Hit the enter key as you finish with the default gateway information.
  4. Click on the required fields and input the Rockspace local login credentials.
  5. Admin and password are the Basic details that most of the users use.
  6. Click the enter button when you complete the login fields to access the Dashboard.

Rockspace wifi extender setup without internet 

Accessing the web menu page does not require any internet access. But the web menu access is served by the range extender only. Then you have to fill in the user key and the passkey of your Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender. Entering the username and password will take you up to the default home page of your Re.rockspace.local setup. If you face any connection problem, it is better to utilize an Ethernet cable for the LAN and WAN connection of your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup and the computer gadgets.

  1. Then launch the web browser to follow the web link http //Re.rockspace.local
  2. Or you may enter the web URL com.
  3. And then, you will get the Dashboard of your Rockspace wireless setup.
  4. Hereafter, you have to scan the available networks around your Rockspace WIFI Extender setup.
  5. Then tap on to extend the signals of your WIFI router.
  6. Scan for your Re.rockspace.local home network that is the Wi-Fi name you want to increase now.

For a most reliable connection, it is necessary to opt for the wireless network, where you are getting a signal strength of more than 70%. If there is less than 70% of signal strength, then you may experience poor and dropping internet connection. Then your further action should be to click next to continue the process. If you cannot see the desired network name of your network, bring your Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender closer to the router.

Know the ways to configure security settings on your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender

  1. You might be aware of the ID of your Rockspace WIFI Extender setups that is Rockspace_REC10.
  2. You need to select the option in which you can clone the MAC address of your range extender.
  3. Selecting this option will instigate the setup wizard to copy the SSID and the security key of your home WIFI network.
  4. The extended network you have would have “_RE” in the last series of the name.
  5. If we show you the example, then it is just as Home_Network_RE.
  6. You also can manually put in the SSID and the password of your extended Wi-Fi network.
  7. Be careful to enter the new network name and SSID of at least 8 to 10 characters.
  8. Now you have to tap the application settings.
  9. During this process, your WIFI range extender will reboot.
  10. And then, it will get disconnected from all the WIFI networks.

Now, you are to get reconnected to the WIFI network of your router through the range extender. After getting into the Wi-Fi network of your range extender, click the checkbox to confirm the settings. And then, you can set up the process to be completed. In this way, you have completed the entire setting process for your Rockspace wireless network.


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