Eureka Ergonomic GAMING DESK: UAV RGB with Accessory Hook

Are you looking for a gaming desk suitable for playing Call of Duty or other games? When gaming for long periods, you need an appropriate gaming computer desk to allow you to avoid injury and strain and play your game without any interruption or disturbance to your gaming equipment.

Choosing the right Call of Duty Gaming desk and comfortable chair requires you to determine the correct type of desk for you and your gameplay and accommodate your equipment. Find more here.

The Official Call of Duty Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic ate the officially licensed partner of Call of Duty products. The UAV RGB Gaming Desk with Accessory Hook is designed for Call of Duty gameplay in mind for increased comfort and satisfaction of Call of Duty players.

This one-of-a-kind gaming desk is set up for gamers regardless of their game of choice. Features include adjustable and vibrant RGB lighting lines along with the desktop itself and the legs for added effect during gameplay.

The desk station surface is a generous 49 inches and is made of a waterproof and scratchproof carbon fiber surface held up by Z-shaped legs. Underneath, to maximize space and reduce desktop clutter; you will find the UAV RGB Gaming Desk Accessory Hook, perfect for hanging headphones, holding wires, and much more.

This durable design allows players to rest comfortably whether playing for 10 minutes, 10 hours, or even 10 days at times. Both amateur and pro gamers alike will find this gaming desk to meet all of their needs.

Why Do Gamers Need an Ergonomic Desk?

There is no denying that gamers spend long periods sitting in the same position. If you aren’t sitting comfortably or your gaming setup isn’t specifically designed with gaming in mind, chances are it could be doing more harm than good. Choosing a Call of Duty Desk created with gaming in mind allows you to benefit from a sleek design that helps long game-playing sessions and reduces strain on the player’s body during this time.

But it isn’t just the sleek design and cool colors and lighting that make a specific gaming desk different from standard computer desks. The features that are part of the desk really enhance the quality of the setup for gamers everywhere. A well-placed cup holder is never a bad thing, and you can add a cup holder to your Call of Duty desk at a position that you can easily reach and access.

Another benefit is the stability of gaming desks over their traditional counterparts. The UAV RGB Gaming Desk with Accessory Hook weighs in at 44lbs. Its width and sturdy construction provide increased stability, so you don’t have to worry about your desk moving unnecessarily during your game, no matter how animated you get or how much equipment or empty food wrappers you have on your desk.

Features of the UAV RGB Gaming Desk

Gaming desks are more than just how they look. They need to be able to cope with the demands of intensive use and be able to comfortably accommodate all of the accessories that come with a gaming setup, whether you play with one screen or three, you use a laptop or a desktop and to make sure all of your accessories are right where you need them when you need them. The UAV RGB Gaming Desk is packed with features even the most dedicated gamer will appreciate.

  • Z Shapes Steel Legs

The Call of Duty branded Z-shaped legs provide maximum support and stability for all gamers while leaving the desk underneath free from any frame for full use and comfort during gameplay.

  • Carbon Fibre Desk Surface

Waterproof and scratch-resistant, the carbon fiber composition is explicitly chosen to be more durable and minimize surface damage from gaming equipment and accessories placement and movement, allowing your Call of Duty gaming desk to look good for longer and avoid damage from constant damage use.

  • Controllable RGB Lighting

With lighting along the side of desks and the legs, you can control it with the touch of a button to create the perfect lighting option for your gaming setup.

  • Magnetic Cable Ties

Tidy up your wires and keep them safe from accidental damage using magnetic cable ties. There are no issues with changing your setup or moving the configuration, as you can simply readjust as and when you please for a more seamless and clutter-free gaming desk.

  • Upgraded Cable Management Grommets

Feed your cables through the back of your desk without worrying about losing them ever again. These new and improved cable grommets secure your wires in position, allowing you to play worry-free and be confident your setup is securely connected at all times.

  • Built-In Headphone Hook

Not everyone wants to have their gaming desk cluttered up with accessories and headphones, especially bulky ones. Use the built-in hook underneath the desk to store your headphones and other items easily out of your way when not in use.

Buy The UAV RGB Gaming Desk with Accessory

When it comes to purchasing high-quality gaming desks, you want to buy from a company that has put thought into the design and construction of the desk and knows exactly what gamers want. The UAV RGB Gaming Desk has all the features and qualities you want from a professional setup. Knowing it is in collaboration with Call of Duty means you can be confident this gaming computer desk was specifically designed for maximum efficiency for gamers.

The best part is that alongside the many unique features of this desk, you can also purchase additional accessories such as the handy cup holder for hydration to improve the desk’s functionality further and personalize your Call of Duty gaming desk. So not only will you be playing in max style, but with added flair thanks to the vibrant RGB lighting.

To find out more information about the UAV RGB Call of Duty Gaming Desk with Accessory Hook or other specifically designed gaming desks, browse our extensive collection online.

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