Essential Equipment for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the fun activities horse lovers enjoy the most. Not only they could get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while on a ride, they also get to bond and spend some time with their favourite pet horse. When riding a horse, you’ll need certain equipment to make the ride comfortable and safe as well. Equipment that are attached to the horse is called the tack. Aside from the tack, you should also need to wear the safety equipment for rider. 

Here’s everything you need when you want to go out horseback riding, whether for sports or just for leisure. 


The bit is placed inside the horse mouth. It is composed by a mouth guard and rings. This equipment mainly helps give the rider control over the direction of the horse’s head. The bit works together with the bridle, halter and reins to help the rider control which direction should the horse go during the ride. 


The halter is the main part that guides the direction of the horse. It is attached behind the ears and around the horse’s muzzle. It could be made from leather, rope, and other materials. Other parts are then attached to it such as a rope when you need to tie up the horse. 


Horse reins is the main part that gives the rider control over the horse. It has straps that are connected to the bridle and the other is held by the rider. You can choose from a variety of materials used but the most comfortable one is leather reins. 


The breastplate serves as the support for the saddle. It fastens the saddle to the front of the horse so it doesn’t slide back during the ride. Breastplates are commonly used when you have an English or Western saddle. 

Horseback Riding
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To keep the saddle attached around the horse’s waist, the girth is what you need. This part is essential since the saddle won’t hold effectively if it doesn’t have a support underneath. 


If your horse has to carry a heavy load behind it, you’ll need to add a harness to its tack. It is attached around the horse’s neck and distributes the weight of the load evenly into its shoulders and back to avoid strain and injury.


This is one of the important equipment for the safety and comfort of the rider. It is placed on the back of the horse where the rider would sit during the ride. It helps the rider gain better balance and stability giving him better control during the ride. You could also add a saddle blanket as an extra layer of comfort for your horse.


Stirrups are the metal loops found on each side of the horse’s body. This is where the rider puts his foot during the ride. Stirrups are usually made from lightweight metals so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the horse.

If you’re planning to go on horseback riding, be sure to prepare all the essential gears that you need aside from quality equestrian clothing for a safe and enjoyable ride.

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