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Edge protection is vital – Know why?

When it comes to leading edges, as in construction buildings or even the edge of a roof, you are bound to find that more fatalities occur each year due to accidents. And that’s why it is highly mandatory that your edges are well protected against any such accidents and you may as well want to indicate that the roof of the building under construction has a few leading edges which are now protected against any untoward accidents or incidents.

Here’s what you need to know about edge protection.

  • Falling off the edge

When it comes to edge protection in NZ, you would find out that most of the leading edges off buildings that have multiple floors are required by law to provide some form of protection. And if you are planning to construct a home or a high rise, then you need to realize that you have to offer your workers protection in one form or the other. This can help prevent any accidents in the workplace and in addition, it can even help prevent you from being held directly responsible and therefore, not liable to damages.

Just imagine that more than three workers fell to their deaths, on-site by falling off one of the leading edges. You are bound to get sued and you would have to fight the issue legally. The process is bound to prove both time-consuming as well as expensive which is not worth all the pain. And that’s why it makes sense to go in for some form of edge protection and thereby provide your workers with the secured protection they need, one that can enable them to work under safe and optimal working conditions.

  • Roof-based protection

As mentioned earlier, most accidents happen by workers or even homeowners falling off the edge and even the roof. Keep in mind always that a roof can be steep and at times, the acute angle can exceed 40 degrees. That’s pretty steep, right? And that’s one of the reasons that you need to ensure that your roof is always well-protected against any accidents. To that end, you can attach guardrails and even wires to the edge and the safety extension should work perfectly.

  • Guardrails

If you are a homeowner who has to inspect his roof often, then it might be a good idea to install some guardrails. These guardrails should help protect you under most weather conditions. In other words, you may want to avoid clambering onto the roof in stormy conditions for obvious reasons.

  • Anchor points

 If you are going to have workers clean your windows regularly, then it might be a good idea to get some anchor points installed permanently. The workers can then attach their safety lines to these anchor points as they clamber on to clean the windows from the outside.

As you can see, edge protection is indeed mandatory and one that you need to have in place especially if you do not plan on being sued. Just keep in mind to check out the contractors and vet their backgrounds, before you hire the right one to install your building with the required protection. 

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