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Create Custom App Designs in Minutes


In the world of programming, apps design was considered a tough job. Years of coding skills were essential to be able to attain even the most straightforward mobile app design. But, you don’t have to worry about your coding skills as we provide you with the number one platform for custom app design with just a few clicks.

We believe that app design is essential for any website, online store, and any other business that is related to the internet. App design can be easy if you choose the perfect tool for the purpose. No technical knowledge is required for custom app design using our platform, Brickit; therefore, anyone can use it without the fear of having inadequate knowledge.

You can find tips on how to make your app unique Here

Tips For App Design

We will look at some of the most important aspects of app design that every designer should focus on.

Get inspiredGuy think of app design idea

The choice of the design for your app depends on the purpose of your app. If you are making an online store app, you will look into the famous app designs of online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and other stores to see how they are designed. The selection of a template depends upon the purpose of the app.

Keeping it Simple

Simplicity gaziantep escort is the key to success. The most popular apps on the planet have simple UI/UX. They are not complicated. Complicated apps don’t attract users. Consider Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for example. All these apps have simplest of the UI/UX. 


The clarity in UI/UX is a significant factor. Clarity means that there should be nothing too much on the app design. Avoid using too much typography, too many widgets, and unnecessary icons. Keep it clean and simple. Select the spaces carefully. Align all the icons and bars. The color scheme can also play a role in clarity. Use a combination of contrasting colors to make the content more visible to the users. Each screen on the app should be designed to perfection. It should be easy to use, even for someone who has just opened the app for the first time. Choose your default colors that match your theme and provide clear visuals.

Easy Navigation

Your app design must be easy to navigate. The transitions must be smooth and precise icons should be present at the designated places to go back and forward while using the app. Straightforward navigation plays a massive role as users tend to get frustrated and close the app if they can’t navigate the app easily.

Don’t Think Out of the BoxGuys don't have to look for design ideas as there are already available designs.

. Look at the already available designs. Look at the success rate of applications. Pick the most successful apps related to your area of interest and study their UI/UX. Observe the way the app is designed. Thinking out of the box is not bad, but it is not a good thing to do when you already have designs in the form of templates topping the charts in all aspects.

Optimization of Design

guys optimize their app to fit the device they want

This is a crucial aspect regarding app design. You should have a clear vision of the target audience in your mind. You need to optimize the app for as many devices as possible. If you’re launching the app on the iOS platform only then, you need to make sure that your app size is optimized for all the iOS devices. If you are launching your app across different platforms, you need to optimize your app for as many devices as possible. Tablets and Android Televisions should also be kept in mind.

Responsive Design

The design of the app should be responsive. When you tap the app icon to launch it, it should display an animating logo or something that gives the user output. After that, every single option in the app should have a result for the user. Even if the app is loading or processing something, animations related to the app on the screen will create a great impression on the user. Responsive design also includes automatically switching the app theme to dark during the night hours.

Allow Customization

You can provide an app design based on the usage habits of the majority of people. But what about the rest of the people? What if the text is too big or too small for them? What if they don’t like the theme? Well, the solution to these exceptions is that you allow the app to be customized by the user so that each user can change the text size, color, and theme of the app.

How to easily create a custom app in minutes

Whenever you are looking at a product, you want to know the key factors that can make you use that specific product.

We also created create a comparison between Brickit and other platforms, you can check the full comparison here

Why Choose Brickit?

Multiple Design Combinations

Using Brickit, you can give your app a perfect look by using countless design combinations. All the work involved in making sections and designs is “Drag and Drop.”

The widgets include posts, products, categories, and little tools that are required in the app design, especially in the mobile app design. The drag and drop feature enables you to place objects at your desired place. The sections also include margins and pads that maintain the overall symmetry of your app design. Design is the key aspect of any app. Design attracts the attention of all the people that use the app. The design has to be perfect in order to make the app successful.

The drag and drop feature has multiple advantages. It is easy to use, no technical knowledge is required, and it is easy to customize all the tools using this tool.

Dozens of templates to choose from

Even if your mind is empty regarding ideas for your app design, you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t need to have a clear vision of the app design in your mind before starting the design process. That is because, on Brickit, you don’t have to start from scratch necessarily. There are dozens of templates available on our website to enable you to grasp a concept and then customize the widgets and sections to attain the look you want.

 Stacks mobile app templates

Simple to Use, 0 coding required

Brickit is an easy-to-use platform. It comes with a straightforward UI/UX that enables users to grasp the concepts quickly. The venue is so simple and easy to use that you can understand it in a few moments, even if you are using it for the first time.

We believe in making things easy for our customers. Everyone can navigate our platform with ease to achieve their required app design. Our simple interface makes it easy for the users to keep track of what they are doing. We believe that every customer should be able to easily navigate our platform to achieve the perfection that he requires. In order to make this possible, simple UI/UX with a responsive design is the best option that we could use.

Clutter-Free Dashboard

All the settings are available in front of you. The dashboard has all the icons that you need. You don’t have to worry about looking for anything. You will find everything that you need right in front of your eyes. This is what makes stack builders one of the best platforms for app design.

Stacks Builder

Work Anytime, anywhere

One of the best features of Brickit is that you can easily design the app even if your internet disconnects during the design process and the builder is responsive on any device. The changes that you will make will be automatically saved when your internet connection resumes.

Social Logins & Payment Gateways to enhance the process for your customers

The additional features that can help you design a perfect app include social logins, payment gateways associated with Woocommerce, WordPress, and Woocommerce integration. The custom checkout pages are also available, and our support team is on standby all the time to help you in any matter.

Live Edits

live design is another significant reason to choose Brickit The live design feature enables you to view all the changes you make instantly without waiting. 

Application ready in a click

After the app design is complete, the goal is to launch it on apple and android play store. Using Brickit, you don’t have to worry about this process either. We ensure that you can easily toss your designed app across multiple platforms without facing any security issues. We take care of all the processes behind the click of your mouse, and you have to select the platforms that you want the app to reach.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Brickit has another nifty feature: the “Push Notifications Support” Once a user has downloaded your app, he may forget to interact with it. The push notifications ensure that the user knows that he has your app on his phone, and the notifications help keep people engaged.

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