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Covid-19 Test Kit to Determine COVID-19 Antibodies

Getting an antibody test will help you know whether you have had covid 19 in the past. It helps you check if your body created antibodies that fought out the virus or if you acquired them from the vaccine to prevent you from contracting the coronavirus. However, some people had corona or took the vaccine but still did not have any antibodies. It is safe to say that it is not necessary to have them even right after the entire ordeal. You should make sure to visit covid testing stations to know whether you are immune to the disease. Besides that, you can know whether you can or cannot speed the disease to other people.

Antibody testing

Another name given to this test is the serology test. It is usually conducted after you are fully recovered from covid 19 disease. The eligibility of the test will always vary depending on the availability of the test. A doctor will draw a blood sample from your body, just a tiny amount. They do it by pricking a finger. It will be tested to know if you developed any antibodies against the disease. It always happens when one contracts the virus as the immune system produces the, to fight out and clear the virus from one’s body. Later, the antibodies will still be in one’s body.

The covid testing near me is a program worldwide as it helps whether at a particular point you were infected by covid 19 in the past. If they are present, then it means you have some immunity. But this is not an indication you are free from contracting the disease because it keeps advancing to the next level.

Time and Type of the antibody test

The time and type of the antibody test will always affect the accuracy of the result. That is upon covid testing, which depends on the accuracy of the antibodies. For example, if you conduct the test early during the infectious period, the immune response will build up, meaning the antibodies may not be detected. Therefore, the testing of the antibodies is never allowed until over 124 days from the first day you experience the symptoms. A special test for antibodies but other greater tests with questionable accuracy are still not yet up.
Another advantage of testing the antibodies correctly is that people who have gotten well from coronavirus are eligible to make plasma donations. This part of their blood could be helped in treating other patients suffering from severe disease as it boosts their ability to fight the virus.

 Which tests are used to diagnose covid 19?

PCR test

PCR test is also commonly known as the molecular test. It is a covid 19 test that helps the doctors to detect the genetic material of the virus using a laboratory technique known as the polymerase chain reaction. It involves using a fluid sample that will collect your nasal swab or that which is in your throat. The results may come right in minutes. It takes several days for proper analysis in a case where they are taken outside your location for processing.

Antigen test

This is yet another test of covid 19 that helps ascertain the virus’s proteins. One still will use the nasal swab to acquire the fluid sample, which tests the results in a few minutes. If the antigen turns positive, it is usually considered a reasonable and high chance of correct analysis. That means it is possible to get infected with the virus, leading to wrong results. Usually, the professionals recommend either of the two tests depending on one’s condition.

Will antibody testing reduce covid 19?

Having the covid 19 diagnosis test, those who test positive will have symptoms. Will get proper care way earlier than those who don’t. The contact you have made can easily be traced. And isolation is conducted for any contacts you have made, which will stop the spread of the virus. However, it is good to note that these tests are not accurate. That means it is possible to test negative when you are positive. For these reasons, it is always good to stick to the guideline as it helps ease contracting while preventing the spread of the disease. Furthermore, the test conducted depicts many people contracted but healed from covid 19 unknowingly as many did not have any symptoms.


If you are interested in performing the covid 19 diagnostic test or the antibody test, it is advisable to contact any covid testing near me center. Suppose you have the symptoms to let your doctor know about it. That way, you will know the way forward in preparing for your appointments to seek the covid test in person.

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