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Choosing the right kind of bathroom tiles is made easy with these home renovation tips!

Renovating your bathroom is not an easy task, especially what may seem easy may turn into a complicated task. Choosing the right tile helps in bringing out the right tone and sets the whole look. It’s not just about choosing colors or size; it’s more about answering so many questions, for instance, should you go light or dark colors, textured or natural, shiny or matt, big size or small, should you cross combine colors or stick to one. Answering these questions can become overwhelming.

Well, fear not, because we are here to share some easy tips that will help you choose the right kind of tiles for making your dream bathroom a reality.

Tips for choosing bathroom tiles

  • Decide the feature you want to focus on.

Which is the first thing you want your eye to catch while walking in the bathroom? Will it be a luxurious shower, bathtub or any antique you plan to use as a vanity? Accordingly, choosing a title for the backdrop will help complement the feature you are looking forward to emphasizing. 

  • Choosing a focal point from the beginning can make this process easy.
  • Choose a tile that makes your accessories stand out.

Another easy way to choose the right tile is to design it to make it stand out. For instance, you can go for bold colors, patterns or shapes. This will look interesting and will work as a feature tile. This will add some drama and make your bathroom accessories, flooring, or shower stand out. 

  • Choose your accent tile.

After deciding on your accent or featured tile, choose to go for a tile that compliments it. If you choose too many bold tiles, it will take all the attention from your focus point. Combining a mild pattern and style will blend well with the overall look of your bathroom.

  • Choose floor tiles

After you have decided on your feature tiles now, it’s time to consider your bathroom flooring to complete the overall look. If you are going for a simple look, then go for patterned flooring. You can even go for wood effect floorings which will give you the perfect rustic style.

  • Consider tile size with room size.

Which tile size to go for also depends on room size; if your room is small, avoid choosing large tiles. Go for the size that gels well with the size of your room. Go for mid-sized tiles for medium or small-sized rooms, or try mosaic tiles that will also amplify your bathroom look. 

  • Add some creativity

The process of choosing a tile doesn’t have to be boring; with so many patterns and designs to choose from, you can create a stylish layout to add a special look to your bathroom. Add some creativity and create a stunning look. Add a metro style, rectangular tiles or patterned tiles to add an interesting look. 

  • Add some textures

Choose naturally-looking tiles like stone tiles, slates, or marble effect tiles to create a soothing spa look. Combine these with wood tones to provide an aura of relaxation and a rejuvenated finish.

  • Understand the practicality

While choosing the tile, make sure that the tiles are smooth and easy to clean if you go for heavily embossed tiles or tiles that come with dips, crevices, pebbles that allow water to settle on them. 

Such tiles would require regular and proper cleaning. That is why while picking one, make sure you decide, keeping in mind the cleaning process.


If you are looking to buy bathroom tiles in Melbourne, all you need is the right idea, theme, and these tips, which will help make this overwhelming process of choosing a tile easy

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