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Bob the Robber 4-fun action challenge game

Bob the Robber 4-fun action challenge game! This is the place where you will accompany on thief Bob in every mission throughout town.

Story of Bob The Robber

Bob the Robber is a fun adventure game in which you play as a robber named Bob and must steal everything and face all hurdles in order to obtain the object you desire. In which, I have the most impression with bob the robber 4 in all 6 parts. I would like to take the liberty of reviewing a part of this game on this preposting page.

A youngster named Bob quickly recognized his fate was different from his friends from the minute he was born. Instead of playing innocently like his companions, the youngster began to seriously improve his talents. And, whatever comes next, young Bob has discovered his life’s purpose. He embarks on an extraordinary experience that he could never have imagined. You’ve evolved into a true thief!

In the name of social justice, a bandit. Doesn’t it seem ridiculous? But in Bob’s insane and chaotic society, that’s all anyone needs. The bandit fights for social justice in the face of evil powers and unscrupulous rulers. His aim is the tycoons’ massive holdings, as well as documentation and evidence of the magnates’ unlawful activities.

Bob’s long journey

bob the robber 4
bob the robber 4

There are too many dangers in the long journey of our son Bob. So remember you are turning into Bob and being a bandit will rob everything that comes his way. In it, each game in the series offers you a different set of obstacles. And so, sneaking through each level and obtaining valuable goods while evading detection is the main mission. In essence, use your unlocking and stealing abilities to take from the rich and help the poor. Of course the game has several levels and each level has its own difficulties and dangers. And I’m sure you can complete all the missions to avoid detection and advance to the following levels.

In summary, there are too many pitfalls waiting to catch you. The security staff is big and strong and the dogs are as fierce as ever. In addition, the security camera system checks every area of ​​the building. What’s more, the laser system is strategically placed throughout the structure. Of course, it makes the challenge more difficult. On the other hand, to advance between rooms, you and Bob also have to quickly pass through the doors with single and double locks. In short, isn’t the path to the goal fraught with thorns? Does it match your qualifications and skills?

Series of Bob The Robber

This post introduces readers to a quick compilation of the seven episodes of the Bob the Robber game.

Episode 1: In Bob The Robber 1, a fun stealthy puzzle platformer that steals valuables, evades cameras, and takes out guards. First, Bob has known his fate since he was a child. Then, over a long period of time, he spent years working hard to learn his craft. And in the end, Bob planned to sneak into the casino and get the treasure after years of preparation.

Next up, Bob The Robber must defend the city in Episode 2! The only person who can save the day is this bandit. Bob The Robber 2 requires you to sneak into buildings, avoid cameras, pick locks, defeat guards and avoid zombies.

Episode 3: Now, Bob joins forces with the good guys to fight a multinational conspiracy. Therefore, only you can support him.

Episode 4: This time, Bob is back with another exciting journey, this time in the magnificent city of Paris. Bob The Robber 4 is the fourth installment in the Bob The Robber series. In it, you have to take a valuable object and find the exit to go to the next level.

Episode 4-2: In this part, enjoy this brand new version of Bob The Robber game. In it Bob travels to Russia and faces a series of new challenges.

Episode 4-3: Bob The Robber Returns, This Time To Mysterious Japan. These are the hardest exercises by far; Good luck finishing them all.

In Bob The Robber 5 – Temple Adventure, Bob embarks on a new adventure. However, the mission this time is even taking the temple’s wealth. Destroy guards, mummies and avoid being captured by the statues’ eyes.

Features of Bob The Robber

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Many challenges and difficulties
  • Level up

How to play

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to do action


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