Between-seasons jackets and how to wear them

Between-seasons jackets for men

 Even if the weather currently feels more like coat time, spring is slowly coming and with it the question: What does a man wear over a suit on the way to work? And how do you keep warm despite wind and weather? We introduce you to typical representatives of the transition jacket and explain which jacket goes with which style.

In men’s fashion, there are some tried and tested classics that can not only be combined in a variety of ways but are also available in so many different designs that there should be something for every taste and style.

The trench coat


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In the business area and at evening events, the warm wool coat is replaced by the trench coat in the transition period. However, it is also not suitable for very formal occasions, so if possible a cover should be dispensed with as soon as the temperatures allow it.

The classic here is of course the beige model, which has now achieved downright cult status and should not be missing in any wardrobe. If you don’t like or like light beige tones, you can always fall back on a model in black or dark blue, which can be combined just as well with the classic men’s wardrobe.

There are also different lengths to choose from for the trench coat. The variance ranges from hip-short to thigh length to knee height (or even longer). The short version is not quite as classic and looks almost sporty. The two middle lengths are ultimately a matter of taste. However, one should note that a shorter cut is recommended for wider trouser legs so that the body does not appear too compressed.

The quilted jacket


A sleek, diamond-quilted jacket is detailed with a stand collar and lined in soft fleece.

The quilted jacket is suitable for colder days in the transition period. Often labelled as an old man’s jacket, you can always see younger men in blue or green versions of this outdoor classic.

As a rule, it is combined with casual leisure looks, like jeans or chinos, but also with a cord, a material that is often found on jackets. The size and shape of the quilting are decisive for the overall impression. Classically there are medium-sized diamond patterns that adorn these jackets, but the thinner version of the down jacket is mostly adorned with cross-striped quilting. The latter is the particularly sporty version of this type of jacket. Like down vests, it is often found in activewear, less in everyday wardrobe.

The oilcloth jacket

Jacket, Men's Lapel Print Jacket



Oilcloth jackets are jackets made of a tough cotton fabric, which has also been coated with a layer of wax. They are particularly robust and durable, as well as waterproof and, thanks to their dense upper material, also relatively wind-resistant. They are usually found in a dark green or brown shade. They can be used in a particularly versatile way if you can subsequently use a warm inner jacket made of fleece or fur, for example. Then the oilcloth jacket is a weatherproof companion well into winter.
Incidentally, it originally comes from fishing but is now also worn when hunting or when walking on English country estates. – Who does not know the pictures of the Queen walking in her oilcloth jacket over her country estate in Balmoral?
But of course, this jacket has long since arrived in major U.S cities, its practicality predestines it as an elegant alternative to the rain jacket in local latitudes as well. With its many, partly hidden, pockets, it is also very practical and makes it easier to ask where you can put your belongings on the go.

The leather jacket

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If you like it a bit rockier and more casual, you can rely on the leather jacket for the first warm days. James Dean made it a cult object in the 1950s, even without a Harley-Davidson. In the meantime, many different models and cuts have become established. For a few years now, for example, the aviator jacket, a leather jacket lined with lambskin, has been the darling of the street style scene. For men there are now some models that are less rock’n’roll with a classic, straight cut and can therefore also be combined with more dignified leisurewear. In terms of color, it is best to move between black and brown, colored leather jackets are really only for people with a fancy fashion taste who are not bound by strict dress codes. A model in red, for example, can look cool, but only if the wearer embodies this style and does not appear disguised.
  That was to the more classic models.
In addition to these, there are also between-seasons jackets with a somewhat looser, youthful charm. we will introduce them to you and give you tips on how to stylishly integrate them into your wardrobe.

The bomber jacket

handsome man wearing a bomber jacket



Like the trench coat and the flight jacket, the bomber jacket is also the fashionable result of military equipment. In fact, it is originally the lightweight version of the flight jacket made of nylon and to this day the bomber jacket is mostly made of nylon. Over the years, however, the bomber jacket has also undergone some fashionable innovations, so that you can now also find it made of cotton or similar material. The cotton version gives it a less youthful look, depending on the color, so that it can also be worn by men. With a bomber jacket you generally exude casualness and sportiness, which not only has to match your personal style but is also not recommended as an addition to your daily work clothes – unless, of course, you work at an American military base.

The parka

A serious looking young man zips up his red and grey anorak, portrait from the side isolated on white

The coarse cotton fabric of the parka is reminiscent of that of the trench coat, but otherwise, the parka is a much more casual variant of the transition jacket. It was originally designed as a winter jacket and, like the trench coat, soon found its way into military clothing. Also called anorak, it became a clothing item for the civilian population in the 1960s and unlined models were also increasingly being developed. In the 1970s and 1980s, the parka became the hallmark of youth culture in the GDR, who wanted to use it to express their urge for freedom. Nowadays it can be found in a wide variety of designs, the classic colors green and blue are mostly retained, but as with all fashionable developments, there are always models that have almost nothing in common with the original item of clothing. In general, it is a more sporty jacket shape that can be worn in summer and winter thanks to its diverse uses – sometimes lined with down feathers, sometimes unlined, and made of robust cotton material.


The denim jacket

handsome man wearing a blue denim jacket



Similar to jeans, the denim jacket is never really in but also never really out. That alone makes them, like the trench coat, a classic. Their comfortable cut and the wide selection of different washes make them an all-around talent in the leisure look, for all ages. Variants made of light stone-washed denim exude a flair of youth and hippie times, dark washes can even look classy and can also be combined with chinos or other trousers. Jeans naturally go well with jeans, but you have to be careful not to get too much. This can be circumvented by either deliberately changing style and combining a shirt with jeans, for example, or by choosing a jacket and pants in completely different washes or colors. Very light or very dark jackets are therefore recommended, as they can always be used to set a color accent. Models with fur lining are currently coming back into fashion, which is particularly useful on colder days. However, these are not for everyone, as they can only really look particularly ‘casual’ combined without being too reminiscent of a trucker. Denim jackets are generally not recommended for the business sector unless you work in the creative industry and can therefore deal with common dress codes a little more loosely.

Alternative to the jacket – the down vest


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In the leisure sector, in particular, the down vest is a universal replacement for a coat or down jacket. Depending on the temperature, it can be combined with a thick sweater or simply with a shirt underneath. Their use is of course also based on the amount of down-filled, although thickness does not automatically mean warmth. Today’s down vests and jackets are technically designed so that even very light and thin models offer special protection against the cold. The color and the pattern determine the effect: the more colorful, the more casual. Particular caution is required with checked patterns, which can quickly look like a lumberjack if the rest of the outfit is not also rather unusual. The vest is most often used in sports. Whether cycling, running or hiking, the warming function paired with the given freedom of movement makes you the perfect partner there. Monochrome and unpatterned, especially in blue or black, the down vest is much more versatile than patterned or gaudy models. Nevertheless, the down vest is definitely not the right companion for the business look or for an evening event.

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