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Best Part-time Jobs for High School Graduates with no experience

Many high school graduates around the world look for taking time off before further studies, and explore other possibilities in the real-world like a part-time jobs or a full-time job. This not only gets them extra income for future savings, but also gives them good exposure to their possibilities and preferences of job or their field of choice.

Now part-time jobs for high school graduates aren’t hard to find, one should know the right places to find them. In this blog, we won’t just be telling you your best options, but also a few tips and tricks to keep in mind during your journey. Now remember, many high school graduates look for jobs to earn money as they have a financial crunch, but others do it for the experience. So here’s the first tip, when looking for a job, know what’s your reason, and then keep that in mind while weighing in or prioritizing your options.

So here’s a list of jobs for high school graduates


Servers or waiters work at diners, restaurants, bars, and other such establishments. Their main roles include answering customer questions, taking people’s orders, delivering orders to tables, and helping with other such tasks. They mostly get paid on hourly basis, and the average salaries range from 11$-12$ per hour. Now such a job gives you skills like customer services, how to talk to people, working in a fast-paced environment, and handle money. Future opportunities include pay rise, and promotion to shift supervisor or another relevant position.

Prep cooks

If you are into food and its preparation, then such jobs can be a great option for you. The job of a prep cook is in the backside of the kitchen where initial preparations for food are made. A prep cook usually prepares stuff for chefs or cooks, and is usually asked to cut vegetables or meat, or make sauces, gravies, or help out with all kinds of food prep tasks. While average salaries range from 12$-13$ per hour, there is a great learning opportunity if you are looking to make a career in this field.


Cashiers work at all kinds of establishments ranging from movie theatres to small boutiques or flower shops. If you are looking to handle money and manage customer transactions, among other things. Cashiers handle customer transactions to complete the sale, and keep track of the money. Depending upon the business, the duties can differ a bit, but this one remains the main task. Their salaries can range from 12$-13$ per hour, and they can grow in the finance field through some good experience.


Receptionist jobs are another type of jobs that can help a high school graduate earn good money while learning multiple skills. A receptionist is generally assigned with managing phone calls, greeting clients or customers, handling the front desk, and other tasks such as setting up appointments and keeping track of schedules. The job can teach various skills such as working in an office environment, customer service, administrative experience, and more. Average salaries for such jobs range from 13$-15$ per hour.

Field or yard workers

While this job may not have a lot of future prospects, it is still highly popular as you can earn good money quickly. Such workers take care of gardens, yards, etc, and are involved in a lot of physical work. This includes raking leaves, using garden equipment for removing weeds, cutting grass, and watering plants. These can also be seasonal, but will definitely keep you busy with a lot of physical exercise. Average pay for such jobs can range from $13 to $15 per hour.

Delivery driver

Delivery drivers are those who make deliveries of anything ranging from household items, appliances, parcels, food, etc. Since logistics is an important part of all kinds of companies, this job is a stable income provider. Delivery drivers ensure that transport of goods is on schedule and in good condition. Many companies offer delivery drivers flexible schedules, making this opportunity a great one for high school graduates as well. Average pay for such jobs can range from $16 to $18 per hour.

Grocery store associates

Grocery stores employ people for various tasks such as keep track of stock, billing, handling cash register, or work in various departments to handle different tasks. National average salary can range from $17-$21 per hour.

These are a  few jobs that high school students can choose, and earn money while gaining real world experience. If you are one such jobseeker, do consider one of these jobs.

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Here are a few words of advise

  1. Always ensure you have your documentation ready before applying
  2. Make sure you have a CV or resume ready
  3. If you make a choice, mark out the pros and cons of it before choosing to be sure.
  4. These jobs will not only help you make a side income, but also enrich you with tions.
  5. Be confident and sure-footed at all times
  6. Make sure you are choosing a job for the right reasons
  7. Whenever you work somewhere, always be ready to learn more
  8. Always be ready to take positive criticism, so that you can improve on your weaknesses

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