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Beginner’s buying guide for 3D printers

If you think about something that can easily create something that you need, within reasonable limits, of course, than you need a 3D printer. Nowadays those devices became really cheap compared to their own first generation — mid-grade 3D printer will cost you about $600, and even if you try to buy yourself one of the top-notch devices, you’ll pay about $1000. Nevertheless, it’ll pay off very quickly if you’re planning to use it a couple of times. Without doubt, 3D printer is useful in a lot of situations — you can create a replacement for broken details of furniture or even print some beautiful things.

How to choose the best 3D printer for a beginner?

How to choose the best 3D printer for a beginner?

If you want to buy a 3D printer for yourself, you will need to know more about some of its specifications that will be vital for you beforehand. And that will not only affect price but also the output result quality. We won’t be talking about top-grade models – you’re a beginner, as we stated above, so you won’t buy yourself some expensive toy for pros. Nevertheless, you can read more about to further prepare yourself or you can just follow our short guide. So, first things first, to pick yourself the best one printer for starters, stick close for those specs:

  • Think about what things you’ll print when it become yours and take into the account the placement space for your printer. Oversized device maybe won’t fit but that way printing chamber might be too small.
  • Resolution and extruder size. First is about overall quality of the output result and the latter is about quality and surface smoothness. So, both of them are vital — resolution must be 200 microns or below, and extruder must be somewhere between 0.4 and 0.2 mm.
  • Actually, it’s a accuracy measure for mechanical parts of any 3D printer, combined with hardness of its platform and frame. The higher the mobility of the printer parts and the harder its frame – the higher output quality you’ll get.
  • Software compatibility. You’ll be working with it a lot, processing models of your future creations and preparing the blueprints that are suitable for printing. So you should be able to handle it.

So, when you learned some more about 3D printer specs, you should be able to choose yourself the one which’ll suit your needs best. But if all physical specs are somewhat clear, software for 3D printers is a bit complicated, so we’ll give you some more info on that.

Which 3D printer software is better for beginners?

3D printer software is better for beginners

The so-called “slicers”, namely the software that’s used for “slicing” models into layers before sending task to 3D printer itself. Those layers will be printed one after another so output will be almost solid or almost empty, depending on the setup, configured in slicer software. Some printers are working only with proprietary software without any possible ways of changing it without breaking the warranty.

If that’s not for you and you have chosen 3D printer that’s compatible with third-party software, than you may choose any available toolkit. There’s a vast variety of software to choose from like Simplify3D, Repetier-HOST, Cura or even cloud-based 3DPrinterOS. There are more, of course, but those are the most user-friendly.

So, when we’re done with that, there are some great 3D printers for beginners.

Wanhao WD7V15 Duplicator 7

Resin 3D printer with a really low 35 micron resolution thus suitable for printing really high-quality things. It also has a big printing chamber, but is somewhat stinky while working due ro the resin usage.

FlashForge Finder

Almost autonomous 3D printer with an integrated 16GB memory block, 3.5-inch LCD screen and Wi-Fi module. It’s using a plastic filament and is protected by an enclosed frame. But working with FlashPrint proprietary software, unchangeable yet powerful enough even to convert 2D to 3D.


Customizable resin 3D printer that can be upgraded to increase overall productivity and became more professional one than fit for starters. It has a somewhat unique printing system including dual Z-axis head with high-grade precision and speed combined with hardened enclosed frame.

If you’re really sure that you need a 3D printer for yourself to create some, then remember – don’t go for a price and brands and think about materials which you’ll be using before buying printer.

Monoprice Voxel

The Monoprice Voxel is a simple-to-use 3D printer for novices. It assists with mass 3D printing. The easy menu system helps you accomplish your task quickly. The Voxel printer’s assisted technology allows you to set the calibration with a single touch. You may effortlessly change the printing nozzle, which is convenient. The Voxel also includes a built-in camera that can be used to watch the print process very closely.

Official Creality Ender 3

The one-piece structure of the Official Creality Ender 3’s super printing size eliminates wasted space. This saves you a lot of room, but it won’t interfere with your 3D modeling activities. It’s simpler to level the printing surface since it has a big hand twist nut. It takes approximately 5 minutes for the nozzle to reach a temperature of 110°C. The user can modify the source code in the community to improve everyone’s user experience by changing it


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