A Complete Guide To Digital Fabric Printing Technique

The digital fabric printing technique is the act of printing digitized images on the fabric. The digital printer works just like the desktop inkjet printer. You should think big in which the printing element is the part of the large process. There are different types of digital printing techniques.

Each technique has its pros and cons. The different digital printing technique works on the specific fabric type. It means that different printing technique is used according to their advantages.

The dye-sublimation printing technique is the high-end digital printing technique that has the good ability to print on different types of fabrics, but it is best suited for polyester.

There are so many important things to consider before printing the design on the fabric by using the digital printing technique. Some of the important factors that need to be considered are described below. Take a look at the following factors and consider them to ensure good quality of print:


When you are printing the design on the fabric by using the digital printing technique, then you can easily print as many colors as you want. With the help of the latest technology printing technique, you can achieve a high-quality print on the fabric with no restriction of colors.

For instance, if you want to print an all-over design on the t-shirt that has vibrant colors, then you can easily create it with the help of the digital printing technique.

Nowadays, custom sublimation shirts are growing in demand because of their good design, durable print,  vibrant colors, and affordable design.


The different digital printing techniques can give the best printing result on the different fabrics. Moreover, the fabric selection is also based on the project types and personal taste.

Well, you can check the print created by the specific printing technique on the specific fabric type. You can also take suggestions from experienced professionals. They will give you the right ideas and good suggestions.

Cost Of Printing

The cost of printing is also an important factor to consider before start printing the fabrics. Before placing the order to any printer, you should compare the cost of printing at different printing companies.

Make sure the total cost of printing discussed at the initial stage is transparent and there will be no added cost later on.

Placement Prints

When you want to print the design at a different location or your design is made up of different elements, then you should arrange the files as you want to print them.

You should keep seam allowance in mind before sending the print designs. In case, you want to white space on both ends, then it is important to mark the boundaries in the beginning and at the end of the file. It will let the printers know when to cut the fabric.

File Layout

If you want to print the number of squares in different designs, then the digital printing technique is designed with various colors in mind. We recommend you to think logically, if possible.

If you want to have three light designs and six black, then you should lay out these properly instead of mixing them up. If you are not good at all these technical things, then leave all these tasks to professionals.


Taking out a sample is a good idea to determine the type of print you will get. You should ask your printer to provide the print sample, especially if you have placed the bulk order.

Asking for a sample is very important because the different printing machines at different companies are calibrated differently. Your design may look perfect on the screen because it is backlit which is not happen on the matter or sheer fabric.

All printers offer the sample service on the small piece of fabric that will show the quality and precision of the print. You can easily determine the quality of print with the sample. Thus, you should never forget to as for the sample before placing the order.

File Standards

If you want good printing results, then it is very important to send the files in the right format. According to the rule, you should send the image in CMYK format. But we recommend you discuss it with your printer in advance to avoid any problem later on.

By sending the printing designs in the right format, you can ensure good quality digital apparel printing. In addition to this, you should also pay attention to the file orientation. The file orientation is also equally important to ensure perfect design on the fabric.

Final Words

These are some of the tips and tricks that will help you to get good results. You should consider all these points and get good quality prints on the fabric.

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