5 Reasons That Will Make You Choose Android App Development Over iOS

In the present time, organizations are shifting towards mobile app development to grow and popularize their brand to the next level. However, there are so many operating systems available out there that it becomes challenging to choose one for your mobile app. Among all the OS present in the market, Android and iOS are the most used platforms.

Well, for big enterprises, it is not much of a problem to use multiple platforms to develop a mobile app simultaneously. But for small businesses or startups, it is a tough call to choose various platforms for an app. According to the statistics, Android is ruling the app development market with over 86% market share.

This article will tell you about the benefits of hiring an Android app development company for building your mobile business application. Moreover, we will also discuss some reasons that will help you consider Android development over iOS development.

Factors for Choosing a Suitable OS

Before choosing an operating system for your mobile application, it is crucial to understand the factors that will help you quickly decide which platform would be best for your business. Although it can be a personal choice to select any platform, you can not just rely on personal preferences when you are a business owner.

You have to take in the considerations related to your business demands and the functionalities you need in your mobile app. Here are some crucial factors based on which you can quickly make your decision.

  • Target Audience: Your target audience is the foremost factor based on which you can choose the platform for your mobile app. If your target audience is Android users more than iOS users, you must develop an Android app for better results.
  • Features: Your mobile app development is directly proportional to whatever features you want in your app.
  • Timeline: Timeline means the overall time needed to complete your app development project. It can also influence your decision of choosing a suitable mobile app development OS.
  • Budget: It is something that a small-scale business has to always look upon. The maintenance budget has a significant impact on the choice of your app development platform.

Top Five Reasons That Will Make You Choose Android Over iOS

There is no doubt regarding iOS as a popular platform, but as mentioned above, a significant portion of the market has seemed to be shifted towards Android app development recently. Here are the top 5 reasons to show why Android app development is better than iOS app development.

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Market Share

If you analyze the statistics of the last five years, you will observe that Android is leading the market at a consistent pace. The Android users surpass the iPhone users, which is one of the reasons businesses are shifting towards developing an Android app. According to a report by International Data Corporation (2019), 87% of the smartphone market is dominated by the Android market. This data is probably enough for you to go for an Android application instead of an iOS one.

Development Cost and ROI

Developing an application on Android is relatively cheaper than iOS. As a designer, you do not need to pay any expense, while iOS charges you a particular amount every year. Moreover, you also don’t need to pay anything for using Android SDK tools. The only expenses will include in the designing phase of your application. It includes coding, the addition of graphics or audio creation, etc.

Moreover, Android has a massive number of clients from different backgrounds. Due to this, applications are less expensive and are often free to download. Since these applications are readily available on the Play Store, you can use them to promote your mobile app and business.

Barriers of Entry

One of the best things about Android app development is that you can create an app on all the platforms, be it Mac, Windows or Linux. However, it is not the case in iOS, which requires only Mac for app development.

Moreover, to get registered as a designer on the App Store, you must pay around $99 every year. At the same time, it is just a one-time payment of $25 in the case of Android.

Also, Google takes around a day to approve your app on Google Play. However, Apple takes around half a month to approve an app on the App Store. To simply put, the entry cost for Android app development is relatively lower than that of iOS app development.

Customized Features and Flexibility

Android is an open-source platform. It means you can customize your Android application as per your requirements with greater flexibility. With this, you can also add more features and functionalities to your business app.

On the contrary, most of the tools and features in iOS app development are paid. It means the scope of customization and flexibility is more in the case of Android than iOS.

Accessibility and Scope of Learning

Android is an open-source platform with many of its features, resources and tools available in the market for free. All this makes it extremely easy for developers and designers to develop Android apps quickly.

Furthermore, with such a massive and growing community of Android developers, you can easily get answers to your queries related to Android app development.

Final Thoughts

This article has tried its best to discuss all the relevant points related to the benefits of Android over iOS. The information can assist you to easily make your decision and choose the suitable platform for your next project. For further information regarding the advantages of Android, you can hire an android apps development company. The experts will try to provide you with the best solutions to all your app development-related queries.


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