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7 Crazy Equipments for Your Customized Outdoor Playground

If you’re wondering how to get your kids outside the house, enjoy the beautiful weather and make them stay away from their electronic devices, building an outdoor playground is your optimal solution.

This does not mean that you should spend thousands of dollars on this Playground, but there are many affordable equipment that you can buy or even build at home. Many people are surprised that simple additions to your backyard can bring to you and your kids unforgettable hours of fun.

Creative outdoor activities can allow your kids to develop their imagination by providing a safe and stimulating environment that can be used for their convenience. Not to forget that these activities can develop their social skills by interacting with other kids instead of staying in front of their screens. Of course, the most important benefit of creating outdoor playgrounds is letting the kids move their bodies and exercise. The most underestimated problems nowadays are kids’ obesity and diabetes which can be prevented by this way.

Through this blog you will be able to discover 7 crazy yet affordable and safe equipment for your customized outdoor playground that can enable you to transform your kids life and your make you go outside as much as possible.

The Tire Sandpit


This affordable and simple equipment can give your children an unforgettable tactile experience. By playing with shovels, buckets and funnels they can mix sand and water for shaping and molding. At  the end of the day your children will be covered with sand… But who cares as long as they’re having fun through outdoor playing! The Tire Sandpit can enable your children to develop also their imagination and use it by building shapes.

The Double Swing


Built with steel or timber this swing is one of the items that children love to play with the most. It is cost-effective and fun… Even adults would sometimes love to spend some time with it. Of course the ground underneath should be covered with sand or grass in order to prevent injuries if they occurred, but overall it is safe to use. Because it has place for two children only, the kids could learn how to be unselfish and less possessive. Not to forget that the parents could help their kids also to swing which can strengthen the bonds between them.

Inflatable Pool


The summer season can be sometimes unbearable because of the hot weather. Having an inflatable pool could enable you to stay fresh and have fun. Instead of building a pool that could cost you loads of money, having an inflatable one could be a solution. The most important thing to take into consideration is that you need to have a flat surface in order to place the pool on it. Sitting in the pool and having a cocktail in your backyard is very refreshing and relaxing.

Portable Basketball Hoops


There is nothing better than stepping outside your house and throw some basketball shots. Even if you could play 3 vs 3 games with this setting, you don’t need anyone else to play with. Playing basketball could improve your kids’ fitness and yours and lessen your anxiety. Portable hoops can be moved easily when needed, are easy to install and affordable.

Tires and Ropes Climbing Set


Both ropes and tires are very easy items to find and are most of the time free. You can use them to build some obstacles so the kids could use them as racing games. By jumping over tires or climbing the ropes as a ladder; the children could strengthen their muscles and have fun through a cost effective set.

Slides with Sides


This is one of the most entertaining equipment to add to your outdoor playground. Kids could climb and roll down the slides for hours without getting bored! Some parents are afraid to let their kids use the slides but this ones are customized with high sides in order to prevent the children from falling down. There are multiple sizes of slides that you can choose from in order to be suitable for your playground.

The small junkyard

Children and specially boys would love to play, disassemble and discover home items that are thrown away like an old TV, a destroyed refrigerator and so on. Boys would gain through this experience, since their childhood, construction skills that will help them in their adult life.

Finally there are many more ideas that you could consider in order to make your outdoor playground more fun for you and your family. One rule should never be forgotten: seek to have equipment that are both cost-effective and safe.

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