6 fun and educational games for 2 year olds

Young children keep growing and developing. How can you help them discover the world around them while having fun? If your child has just turned second year, these activities for 2 year olds will be perfect for entertaining them while stimulating their development. Follow the guide to discover the best games for 2-year-olds:

1. Develop language with educational games for ages 2 and up

By 2 years old, your child should probably already be pretty darn talkative and repeating every word that comes out of your mouth. It is the ideal period to introduce some games for 2 years and more around the language such as “Jacques a dit” and the picnic game. Give your child very simple and positive assignments such as “Jacques said: smile” or “Jacques said: touch your toes”. It’s a fun way to develop your child’s motor and language skills while having fun with the family.

2. Play with homemade building blocks

Finding an activity for 2-year-olds, especially indoors, does not necessarily mean going to the toy store… on the contrary! You can use materials available in your closets such as empty toilet paper tubes to make building blocks. Choose tubes that are sturdy enough to withstand handling, such as Lotus toilet paper tubes. Teach your child how to stack them to make a pyramid and let him destroy and rebuild it as he sees fit.

Once your child is done with the building blocks or damaged them from playing with them, you can throw the Lotus Aquatube straight into the toilet. They’re made from the same material as toilet paper, so they’re biodegradable and compostable and flush with the toilet!

3. Create an imaginary farm with plasticine

Show your child how to use play dough to make animals. This game for children aged 2 and over is a classic to help your little one develop his imagination as well as his creative, linguistic, sensory and motor skills. Build together an imaginary farm where real and fantastic animals coexist in perfect harmony. Be careful, even adults will get a taste for it! Plasticine is recommended from 2 years old only and the presence of an adult is necessary when your child is handling plasticine.

4. Learn the parts of the body by drawing yourself

Lay your child on their back on a large sheet. The A0 size can be large enough, but if you don’t have one, a large roll of craft paper or gift wrap will do. Outline her body with a pen, taking care not to stain her clothes. Once you are done, encourage your child to draw clothes and a face inside the outline. This excellent educational game for ages 2 and up will teach them where the parts of the body are located while forcing them to channel their energy to stay still for a few minutes!

5. Make giant multicolored bracelets

This is one of the funniest games for ages 2+ that the whole family can participate in. Decorate 5 – or 10 if you have them in stock – empty Lotus toilet paper tubes with markers or paint. Then take a good length of toilet paper and twist it into a string before helping your little one thread the empty toilet paper tubes onto the paper like beads. Finally, tie the ends of the toilet paper together to make a giant bracelet. Ask the big brothers and sisters of your little one to participate by helping them to count the tubes by making them move like on a rosary. Choose toilet paper that is soft and strong, such as Lotus toilet paper , so that the paper cord can hold.

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6. Paint with your fingers

Young children love to wear it all over the place and painting is a fun and sensory 2 year old activity that will keep them occupied for hours. Take tempera (egg paint) or paint specially made for painting with fingers and let your child run their imagination on a large sheet of paper. Let baby play and encourage him to use his imagination. Soon you won’t have enough room on your fridge to hang all of your budding artist’s artwork.

These activities for 2-year-olds are certainly educational but can also be pretty messy! Keep a few Lotus tissues on hand to wipe up smudges and other spills as you go.

Discovering new games for 2 year olds is just as fun for parents as it is for kids. These activities for children ages 2 and up are ideal for involving the whole family and helping your little one develop their creative, motor and sensory skills as well as their language. No need to spend a fortune to entertain your little one: sometimes the best io game for a 2 year old is the most fun!


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