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12 Ways to Improve Cognitive Skills of Kids

Cognitive development refers to how a child learns, acquires information, and interacts with the environment. While different cognitive skills will be acquired when a child reaches certain developmental milestones, any child can benefit from activities that encourage active learning.

You can help your child develop cognitive skills in memory, concentration, and perception as a parent by including simple activities into your daily routine.

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Cognitive development is essential for all children, but it can be even more important if your child has a learning or behavioral problem. Here are 10 ways you and your family can help your child develop cognitive skills.

Learn About Shapes And Colors

Tell about shapes and colors to your children. Then, improve cognitive skills by reviewing them often. Ask your child to identify shapes by picking out toys with different shapes. You can do the same thing with toys of different colors. 

These activities can be helpful in developing memory and learning information. Puzzles and family games are great ways for older children to strengthen their cognitive skills in relation to colors and shapes.

Talk to your child and ask questions about their friendship with their friend. Ask your child about their interests, hobbies, and opinions. This is a conversation you can have without judgment or giving your opinion on your child’s friend. 

This may help you learn more about the relationship between your child and the other child. It will help you determine how strong their friendship is and how it may be affecting your child’s thinking process.

Take Field Trips

Regular exposure to new environments is a great way to increase cognitive development in your children. Do not stick to the same routine. Plan field trips to explore new areas in your town like parks, zoos and aquariums, playgrounds, etc.

Play Outside To Develop Cognitive Skills

Outdoor play has been proven to be a great way to increase cognition in children. Outdoor play can stimulate multiple senses and encourage imagination. Schedule outdoor playtime whenever possible instead of spending your downtime indoors.

Keep Them Interested

Research has shown that memory can be enhanced in children who engage in brain-stimulating activities, such as writing and reading. Reading fiction improves brain connectivity. It is possible to imagine oneself in another’s shoes and see how they feel.

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Social Networks Can Be Taken To The Next Level

The feeling of being alone can have negative effects on your kids’ health. This could lead to cognitive decline. Feelings of isolation from students or peers can disrupt sleep, raise blood pressure, cause an increase in stress hormone cortisol levels, and alter the expression of genes in immune cells. 

This could lead to depression. Students should be encouraged to interact with others and learn new skills.

Play A Memory Game

Spend some time with your children playing memory-boosting games. All these games, including crosswords and cards, help to improve their memory and cognitive skills. Ask them questions and allow them to answer. 

Engaging them in memory-boosting activities at an early age will help them do better in school. They will also develop the habit of periodically testing their memory.

Encourage Reading

It is obvious that reading makes you smarter. To encourage their interest, introduce them to the different genres of books at an early age. Reading helps you to see the world and improve your learning skills. Reading helps you retain information for a longer time. Ask your child about their reactions to the story.

Listen To The Music

Introduce them to music at an early age, and they will be able to learn new languages and improve their reading skills. Learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to improve your learning skills and school scores. Exposing your baby to the music of different tempos, meters, and languages is important.

Encourage Your Children To Choose Better Friends

Your ultimate goal should always be to help your child build positive relationships and make better friends. Communicate with your child, help them solve problems, and understand their daily struggles. Help them distinguish between right and wrong people. This skill will also help them to develop cognitive skills. 

Good Nutrition

For both mental and physical development, good nutrition is crucial. Children can learn to eat healthy, nutritious foods from an early age. They will also be able to eat less junk food and more healthy choices. For overall development, whole grains, seafood, leafy greens, as well as seeds and nuts, can be beneficial.

Identify The Problem Area

Positive reinforcement is better than blaming others or trying to break the bonds. Send non-verbal messages to children to help them distinguish between right and wrong. Be kind and considerate with your words. Encourage them to build healthy relationships with others.

Set Clear Rule to Develop Cognitive Skills

When children start to step out of their house, they meet new people. It is impossible to be with them all the time and notice their every move. Be clear about your rules. Make sure they know what is acceptable. Make sure they are aware of the consequences of breaking the rules and that they follow them when necessary.


Everyday activities like reading, talking, and playing games can have a positive impact on preschoolers’ cognitive growth, cognitive development, and cognitive skills. No matter how you interact with your preschooler in any way, such as through unstructured play or cognitive activities such as block play, let them lead.

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