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​​List Of Indoor Plants To Keep At Your House According To Vastu Shastra

Indoor Plants At Your House According To Vastu Shastra

Plants are inextricably linked to human life because whatever gases trees and plants emit are inhaled by humans. Some trees and plants emit negative and dangerous gases that contaminate the environment, making it unsafe. As a result, some plants are prohibited in dwellings. Plants should be chosen with care and positioned in a specific direction to get the best results. Order roses online as well as plants as according to Vastu Shastra, several Vastu Plants are considered very fortunate for homes and must only be spread in Vastu compliant directions to reap the most benefits. Plants and trees provide shelter, food, clean air, and various other benefits to living organisms. Keeping these listed indoor plants will improve the appearance of your home. Furthermore, by absorbing carbon dioxide, these plants help to detoxify the environment.


This small white flower has a lovely aroma and is available all year. It is supposed to be Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva’s favourite flower. Because of its white tint, it is also known as Moonlight of the Garden. Women in southern India use the flowers to embellish their hair because they bring good luck and wealth to the family. Jasmine is a well-known traditional remedy for skin disease, boils, ulcers, skin disorders, and eye difficulties. Jasmine body oils and floral essences are tranquil, relaxing, and nerve-soothing.

Lucky Bamboo 

Bamboos are Vastu-compliant plants that provide good fortune to the inhabitants of the family. Vastu-compliant house plants safeguard everyone from destructive forces. Tie a crimson ribbon around the bamboo plant’s stalk. The bamboo wood and the red ribbon, which represents fire, will always maintain a perfect balance of mind and energies inside the household. It helps members in the home become affluent over time when stored in the southern part. If you keep a bamboo house plant with ten stalks, you will enjoy excellent health, prosperity, and happiness.


Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil in Hinduism, is a sacred plant. It is a sacred plant in Hinduism. Hindus consider this sacred plant to be a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s primary spouse. Tulsi leaves are required to worship Lord Vishnu and his avatars, such as Shri Ram and Shri Krishna. As a result, the tulsi plant is considered particularly auspicious in Hindu households. It also has several therapeutic properties and health advantages. It is also a famous Vastu plant, recognised for repelling negative energies from a property. According to Vastu for home, having a tulsi plant in a home gives a strong spiritual atmosphere. As a result, it shields a home from the bad gaze and provides positive energy into the place.

Aloe Vera 

The aloe Vera plant, known for various medical advantages to human health, purifies the air by removing dangerous contaminants. It has numerous haircare and skincare benefits, as well as promoting good digestion. In addition, aloe Vera brings happiness, success, positivism, and good luck to houses. To encourage optimism and dispel negative energies, keep aloe vera in the north or east direction of the house.

Money Plant 

The money plant is regarded as one of the best fortune-bringing plants to have at home. It is said to shower the possessor with money, and wealth is kept in the appropriate direction. According to Vastu, planting the Money plant in the living room or hall’s southeast corner is particularly helpful. Lord Ganesha is the proprietor of the Vastu Southeast direction, and Venus is the ruling planet. It is believed that Lord Ganesha removes the owner’s bad luck and grants them wealth and prosperity. One of the facts about the money plant is that it is a great air purifying house plant. Send flowers online for a loved one as a sweet gesture to bring good luck to your house.


Lavender is well renowned for its smell and its ability to reduce tension. It fosters inner harmony and aids in the exorcism of internal demons. This Vastu plant attracts positive energy and soothes frayed nerves.

Citrus Plant 

The citrus plant, also known as the Buddha’s hand, brings good fortune and happiness. In and of itself, Buddha fosters joy and happiness. This plant is also thought to be the Buddha’s hand, making it highly fortunate to be kept at home. According to Vastu shastra, having a citrus plant at home not only helps to create a positive and pleasant atmosphere, but it also looks lovely in your home when it begins to bloom with blooms and fruits.

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